I was bitten by a vampire

In this lesson we will create a vampirrrraaaaa !!!

As an experimental guinea pig, I invited Angelina Jolie.

Step 1. So, open our photo in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2. Now create 2 copies of the photo. To do this, press 2 times Ctrl +J.

Step 3. Take the second layer and slightly discolor it to give the effect of a bloodless body. To do this, go to the menu Image – Adjustments – Hue /Saturation (Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation). Set these settings:

Now make the topmost layer active and make it black and white by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + U keys. And set the blending mode for this layer to Overlay.

And merge these two layers (Ctrl + E).

Step 4. Now, on the body of a vampire, a couple of tattoos, for example:

Cut out some of them (and maybe you will find other tattoos on the Internet) and place them in the places where you see fit. Reduce transparency by about 50%.

Step 5. It’s time to build fangs! Take the tool Polygonal Lasso(L) and select a small triangular area on a tooth.

Then, without removing the selection tool Smudge Tool(R) Smear the selection to create a fang. And also make the remaining three teeth.

In general, after everything that we went through it should turn out like this:

Step 6. Now we will make up to the vampire, ie we will make the most terrifying make up. Click the bottom icon in the window. Layers (Layers) and select an item Hue /Saturation (Brightness / Saturation).

The whole image will be painted over with aqua color. To fix this, fill this layer (or rather, the mask near the layer) with black color. Take the tool Brush (Brush, preferably soft), make it the desired diameter, ie, the diameter of the eye pupil, and click the brush on the eye (also click on the second eye). In the same way, paint her lips and areas around the eyes. And each color should correspond to a new layer, i.e., do everything on a new layer.

Step 7. And now “give” a vampire rose. Take a picture with a rose:

Separate it from the background and transfer it to our document. Use the free transformation (Ctrl + T) to rotate the rose and the eraser to erase the extra areas on the rose, in general, so that the rose is in the hands of the vampire.

Now, for realism, on a new layer with a soft brush, draw a shadow on the vampire’s hand, in the exact place where the rose and the hand meet. Reduce the transparency of this layer to about 50%.

Step 8. For beauty, you can darken the edges of our photos. Create a new layer and fill it with black. Then make a large oval selection on the layer with the tool. Elliptical Marquee Toll (M), then press the Delete key. It should turn out like this:

Next, go to the menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur according to Gauss). Set these values:

Well that’s all:

Good luck!

Author: Ilya Zhurov

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