In searching of love

In this lesson we will create a fantasy surrealistic picture with an emotional romantic mood. To begin with, we will create a scene using a medieval old building in the foreground and a simple mountain landscape for the background. Add adjustment layers, filters and, of course, the sun flare effect to complete the work with images.

Download the source materials for the lesson

Final image

Open the “Medieval Castle” and use any selection tool to remove the background, as shown below. Name this layer “Brick Wall” Layer 1.

Duplicate the “Brick Wall Layer 1” layer and name it “Brick Wall Layer 2”, place a copy below the original layer. Make sure the two layers overlap. Add adjustment layer Brightness / Contrast (Brightness Contrast) only for the “Brick Wall Layer 2” layer using a clipping mask.

Click on the mask of the adjustment layer Brightness / Contrast (Brightness Contrast), take the tool Brush (Brush) black and just paint over the right wall to hide the darkening effect.

Now we make two walls seamless. To do this, go to the layer “Brick wall Layer 1”, click on the layer mask and, using black soft round cysts, hide the areas shown in the screenshot below. If the two layers of the walls do not overlap, you will get some empty spaces between the bricks.

Add “Mountain Landscape” below the previous layers. Apply an adjustment layer to it. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness Contrast) with the following settings.

On the new layer, add the “Cloud Texture” you like. Add a layer mask to the cloud layer; take Gradient tool (Gradient) defaults to black and white and apply it on the layer mask. This way you get a smooth transition between the landscape and the sky.

Now add the image “Girl” and place it on the bridge, as shown below. Add a layer style Inner shadow (Inner shadow).

Create a new layer below the “Girl” layer and name it “Shadow.” Take a soft round Brush (Brush) and draw a shadow effect. Use black with different levels of transparency.

Use the image “Rose” to create a hat for a girl. Simply apply transformation tools to resize and distort the image to get a hat.

To make the image look a bit creepy and surreal, add some Tentacles, as shown in the image below. Apply an adjustment layer to it. Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) using a clipping mask. Also add a layer style. Inner shadow (Inner shadow).

Take a soft round Brush (Brush) and draw shadows. Use black with different levels of transparency. Try to make the shadows as realistic as possible. The effect of the cast shadow depends on the light source and, the projection only on the material surface (not air).

You can add Tentacles to the foreground, just zoom in and add Gaussian blur (Gaussian blur).

On the new layer, add the “Hearts” images, as shown in the image below. In addition, add red roses, they will fly along with the petals of hearts. Do not forget to add shadows, and also apply a filter. Gaussian blur (Blur according to Gauss) to create a depth of field.

As final touches, add some adjustment layers and filters to combine the images. Add a PhotoFilter (Photo Filter), Vibrance (Vibration), Brightness/Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and GradientMap (Gradient Map).

Please note that each correction layer has a white layer mask by default. Apply Brush (Brush) black to paint over the mask, as shown in the image below.

If you want, you can add a sun flare;

To increase the sharpness of the entire image, apply a filter. High pass (Colour contrast).

And here is the final result of our surrealistic picture.

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