Increase saturation of the image

From this lesson you will learn one of the ways to increase the color saturation in your photos. It is suitable for both portrait photos and landscape shots.

See which photo looks better? Most will choose the second.

In the first photo, the usual method of increasing saturation is applied, in the second, the one we will study. Consider all the examples, so that you yourself choose for yourself which method is better.

Step 1. Open the photo.

Step 2. Select in the menu Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation (Image – Adjustment – Hue / Saturation).

Increase image saturation by 50%.

As you can see, the result is not very good. Now let’s try another way.

Step 3. Change the image mode. Go to the menu Image – Mode – Lab (Image – Mode – Lab). The peculiarity of this color model is that it was developed on the basis of the principles of color perception by the human eye.

Color information is divided here into two channels. but and b, and the third is information about Brightness (Lightness).

From myself I want to add that mastering the work in this color model is very difficult, but in it you can achieve results that simply cannot be reproduced in the RGB color model.

Step 4. Choose a channel but, clicking on it with the mouse. Then click on the Lab channel’s eyelet to see the image in color.

Then you can act in different ways. Take advantage of Curves (Curves) if you are a very experienced user and know how to work with them correctly. For users with an average level of training suitable team Levels (Levels).

We, as beginners, will use command Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast (Image – Adjustment – Brightness / Contrast)

Increase the channel contrast but at 100%

Step 5. Repeat the same with channel b.

Step 6. Here is the final result and comparison of images obtained in different ways.

I wish you all creative success!

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