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In this lesson we will discuss a number of methods that will help add a little drama to your work. We will combine several images, creating a beautiful picturesque background, we will learn to lengthen hair using brushes Photoshop , and will also use adjustment layers to add some drama to our final image.

Well, go ahead!

But the materials that we need to create our collage:

All the above materials are provided by DeviantArt

So let’s get down to doing it!

Step 1. Create a new document, 1600 x 2122 px, resolution 300 ppi.
Transfer to it an image with a field.

Step 2. Add a layer mask. Now select linear gradient (linear gradient). Select black and white and drag a gradient through the document.

Step 3. Zoom the picture to a state where you can see small details. Paint over those areas of the background that we don’t need at all brush (brush) black in layer mask mode.

Step 4. Transfer the sky image to your document so that it is under the layer with the field. The color scheme of the field is not combined with the colors of the sky, so we must correct this. Next, we go layer / new adjustment layer / color balance (layer/newadjustmentlayer/colorbalance) and select values ​​as shown below.

Step 5. Upload a picture with a girl. With help tool pen (pentool) create a new path along the contour of the girl, you can skip the area of ​​flowing hair.

Step 6. Press the key combination Ctrl+Enter, in order to translate the previously paved path to the selection. Copy the girl and transfer it to your document. Click Ctrl+T for the possibility of free transformation of this layer. Transform the girl until she becomes the size we need, as shown below.

Step 7. Before we continue our lesson, we need to fix some details. As you, probably, have already noticed, on the initial image the girl is dressed in a dress with transparent sleeves. When we cut it out and transferred it to our document, the old background began to shine through these very transparent sleeves. So we have to remove it. To do this, we add a layer mask to the girl layer, then select tool brush (brushtool) with transparency about 10-20%. Now we paint over all those places on the sleeves where there is an old background. We do this on the layer mask with the black color of the brush.

Step 8. Go to the layer with the field. Choose a tool rectangular selection (rectangular marqueetool) and select a fragment of the field after the girl as shown in the figure below. Now press the combination Ctrl+J. Now this fragment was duplicated on a separate layer. Then move it higher so that it is above the layer with the girl.

Step 9. Add a layer mask to the layer with a piece of field. In the standard set of Photoshop brushes there is one wonderful brush that will help us make realistic grass at the girl’s feet. Therefore, we select it by clicking on the right mouse button. In the settings brush set a tick in front color dynamics (color dynamics). Now make sure that the mask of this layer is active, and that black is the main color selected. Now start drawing. Try to depict the position of the girl in the field as realistic as possible.

Step 10. To strengthen the illusion that the girl is exactly inside the field, we have to portray something in front of her, then she will go a little deeper, and it will look much more realistic. We change the brush with grass to a regular, standard brush with soft edges, choose white as the main color, and paint the places where we have flowers on the layer with a piece of field. So we sort of show them.

Step 11. Now let’s do the girl’s hair. Choose a brush tool tool brush (brushtool). But before this, make sure that the layer mask is active and black is selected as the main color. Brush transparency set at 20%, stiffness 0%. Draw a brush over the girl’s hair until it becomes transparent, as shown in the figure below.

Step 12. Download a set of brushes, strands of hair. Activate tool brush (brushtool), then click Altand the left mouse button on the girl’s hair. You are activated pipette tool (eyedroppertool) and the girl’s hair color will appear as the main one. Now open the brushes panel (F5), open the preview panel to customize the end of the brush. As soon as you adjust the appropriate size and position of the brush, close the panel and you can start drawing hair. Repeat this step until you have drawn enough hair. Yes, and one more thing: in order to get the hair as natural as possible, try not to use one color, always take a few shades.

Step 13. After step 12, you may find that the result obtained at the moment is not quite realistic. If you look closely, you can see that the strands of the girl’s hair are identical in places. Agree, it does not look good. In general, this problem always arises when such brushes are used, as we took from our set. The best way to avoid this is by hand drawing hair.

And so, for a start, download a brush to paint the hair. Then open them in the program, select any of them, set the transparency to it by 15-20%. If you have a graphic tablet, this is generally perfect, because in this case you can adjust the dynamics of the brush shape, imitate the pressure in the settings panel of the brushes.

Do not think that drawing hair is very easy. In order to at least make this task easier for yourself, try to manually create more layers when drawing hair. Indeed, in this case, you can always remove or correct something. Below are the approximate stages of hair creation.

Step 14. Now we need to add girl lighting. For this we will use light clarification and blackout. Create a new layer. Call it chiaroscuro. Tick ​​off “Use the previous …” and “Run fill …” layer mode overlap (overlay), 100% transparency.

Select tooldimmer (burn tool) and reduce its exposure to 20%.
Now start drawing shadows on the girl in the places that are schematically shown below. Do the same with instrument clarifier (dodge tool), only the effect will be the opposite.

When using these two tools there is a small nuance: if you hold Alt, and choose a dimmer, then it will work as a brightener, and vice versa. This is done for convenience, so as not to waste time switching tools.

Step 15. Create a new layer. Now add a blackout along the edge of the image. To do this, click Ctrl + a, to select all. Next, we go edit / stroke. Select such indicators as shown in the figure. To soften the boundaries of the completed stroke, go Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur (filter /blur/ Gaussian blur) and set the radius figure, as shown in the figure.

Step 16. Click Ctrl + T. Hold Ctrl and stretch its angle until you like the result (in terms of lighting).

Step 17. Now add some more light falling on the girl. To do this, create a new layer and take polygonal lasso tool (poligonal lassotool), with its help we draw such a figure, as shown in the figure, and fill it with white color. Next, we go Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur (filter /blur/ Gaussian blur) and set the maximum radius, and reduce the layer transparency to 30%.

Step 18. In any known and convenient way you draw on the grass the shadow of the girl.

Step 19. Download butterflies clip art set. The images of this file are in png-format, that is, there is nothing to separate from the background, you just need to take and transfer the butterflies to the document. Transform the butterflies so that they are real compared to the girl size. Arrange them in the picture to your liking. Do not forget to add shadows, so the work will look more realistic.

Step 20. Download floral brushes. Try experimenting with a brush shape. Combine them to get a unique shape. Then take an English font and write something. Apply a layer style to the text layer. external glow (outerglow). It is not necessary to do as shown in the figure. Here you can express your imagination.

Step 21 Our work comes to an end. It’s time to do the final color correction. To do this, select the layer with the sky, and to increase its brightness, use brightness / contrast (brightness /contrast). Also on top, after mixing all the layers, we add a warm photo filter.

Conclusion So we finished our wonderful collage. I hope that you were interested and that you learned something new and useful from this lesson.
The final version of this work you can see below, and full-size here.

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