Landscape portrait in Photoshop

In this lesson we will create an interesting composition from a portrait of a girl and landscape photography. The technique is very simple, but requires attention and time, you will need to pay attention to detail.

Let’s start!


Step 1

Open Photoshop and create a new document. I use an A4 document for work. After that, select the photo of the person you want to use for your composition. I use an image courtesy of Shutterstock. This is a portrait of a young beautiful blonde hipster in trendy glasses who is posing against a metal wall.

Step 2

For further work, it is necessary to separate the girl’s face from the background. Use any selection tool that is convenient for you, and then refine the edges of the hair for a good result.

Step 3

Now add to the work a picture with a landscape on which there is a clear image of a tree, we will need its branches. It is better to use a black and white image, since it will be easier to select the necessary elements from it.
Use the selection tools and separate the branches from the background.

Step 4

Flip the image vertically (if necessary). Duplicate photos with branches to make the image more saturated.

Step 5

Place the branches on the face of the character as you like. Go to the model layer. Then create a selection of branches and invert it.

Step 6

Add a layer mask to the girl layer. Turn off the visibility of the branch layer. Your result should be similar to the example below.

Step 7

Now we will refine the edges and make the image clearer. Duplicate the model layer and place it above all others, turn off the visibility of the layer mask. Lower the opacity (oapcity) of the layer to 70%.

Step 8

Create a merged copy of all layers.

Set the blending mode (beside mod) for the resulting layer to Screen (Screen).

Step 9

We have completed the main stages. To make the image more interesting, you can center the model image (so that the girl was placed in the middle of the canvas), and then add an orange or blue photo filter (Layer> New Soy Correction> Photo Filter \ Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Photo Filter).

We are done! You can beat your work, for example, place it on the canvas.

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