Last Kiss

I think it’s time for a Photoshop tutorial on creating emotional photo manipulation. The basic techniques used here are the same as in the rest of my lessons, but I’ll also show you how to create a realistic depth of field in Photoshop, the effect of a person disintegrating into particles using brushes, and how I got the cinema effect as a result.

Before starting, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the original idea of ​​this manipulation belongs to blackmamba08, so look at its version.

Final result

Resources used in the lesson

Step 1. Since the stock image of the couple was not very large, I was forced to use an image size of 1200 × 768, which is too small for me, especially for works that are being printed. Create your document and insert a background into it, adjusting its size so that it fits into our document.

After that you can start to separate the kissing couple from the background. When done, also insert them into the document, placing a little to the right (avoid placing the pair in the center of the document). Do not worry too much for the details on the girl’s hair, they will still be hidden.

Step 2. Create a mask for the pair layer and use the grunge texture or spray brush to hide the girl’s back and part of her head. Look at the image below. I used a few grunge brushes. Make sure you use a new brush each time so that the texture does not repeat.

Step 3. I added a lighting effect to the pair layer. Honestly, I added these effects after I finished working with the image, but you can do it now and adjust the layer if there is a need.

I wanted to create a glow on the edges of the guy’s body, so I used the Inner shadow technique as usual. Colour Inner Shadow (Inner Shadow)# BA9752. I also added External Glow (Outer Glow). In more detail you can see everything in the images below.

Step 4. After constructing the composition, I applied several adjustment layers using a clipping mask. Also corrected the color of the pair with Color Balance (Color Balance). After that I added Photo Filter (Photo Filter), to give a pair of warm colors, and Color (Solid Color) #AE9D86 with blend mode Color tone (Hue) and opacity of 75%.

I wanted to combine in color the broken part of the girl and the background. To do this, I created a new layer with a clipping mask over all the other layers, changed the blend mode of this layer to Screen (Screen) and painted some light with a soft medium brush along the edge. I used color # AF7E33.

Step 5. The whole image was oversaturated, so I used the Color / Saturation adjustment layer. (Hue /Saturation) but without clipping mask. I placed it above all layers and lowered saturation to -20.

Step 6. To make a kissing couple more expressive, I blurred the background using the Blur filter with a small depth of field (Lens Blur). This effect is called depth of field.

First, I duplicated the background layer, since the Blur filter with a small depth of field (Lens Blur) cannot be applied to a smart object. Next activated mode Quick Mask and Linear Gradient, (G) painted a small gradient.

Exit the quick mask mode and you will receive a selection. Now go to Filter> Blur> Blur at shallow depth of field (Filter> Blur> Lens Blur) and apply a slight blur with a radius of about 10 pixels.

Make sure you apply this filter only to the background layer. In this way, you will make the grass near the pair in focus, which will gradually become blurred with distance.

The note: if the blur is incorrect, invert the selection before applying the filter.

Step 7. This is probably the most interesting part of the lesson – creating a shattered effect. For this, I used several brushes, layer masks and clipping masks.

First, I placed some pieces from Media Militia behind the girl. Hid some areas with a layer mask.

We must make these particles appear as pieces of the girl’s body. To achieve this effect, I duplicated the layer with a pair (and removed the layer mask on the duplicate) and used the layer as a clipping mask for the particle layer.

Move this layer slightly to the left, so that on all the pieces was the texture of the girl’s body. Optionally, you can also add an external glow to the particle layer. I used dark orange with blending mode Brightening basics (Color Dodge). But even without this, the effect also looks great.

I repeated these steps, adding more particles.

Step 8. I created more particles with the Explosions brush. Here the main thing is to use a smaller brush size, detailing the image and creating more particles to fill the space between the larger particles.

Step 9. The hardest part is behind, it remains to add effects and get a cool cine effect. First I added a highlight from the Glare set. Placed it behind the pair and set the blending mode Screen (Screen).

Step 10. Add fire to passion, using fiery particles, also with blending mode Screen (Screen).

Step 11. Another lighting effect that can be added is light highlights, here soft will help us. brush (brush). I added highlights above the pair. To do this, create a new layer above all the others and set the blending mode for it. Screen (Screen). Soft brush using color # A2824A, drew circles. If the highlights seem too bright, use a darker tone.

Step 12. We are almost finished, it remains to slightly adjust the color of the image. Make the layer at the top active and press Shift.+Ctrl + Alt + E (Shift + Command + Option + E), to create a consolidated copy of all visible layers.

Now go to Image> Correction> Options (Image> Adjustments> Variations) and choose More blue (More Cyan). After that set the layer blending mode Lighten and opacity is about 70%.

Step 13. Create another mixed copy using the same shortcut keys, this will be our final result. Now convert the layer to a smart object if you can (don’t worry if you don’t know how) and go to Filter> Rendering> Lighting Effects (Filter> Render> Lighting Effects).

I used the settings shown in the image below. This will add a vintage effect and add a fabulous sleepy haze to the scene. Increase sharpness a bit and the image is ready!

Final result

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