Layer Mix

In this lesson you will learn an unusual way to create a collage, which is obtained by superimposing layers on each other.

See which images were used for this lesson.

Open your main image — in this case, the eye — in Photoshop.

Click Shift + Ctrl + U to discolor the image.
(Image – Adjustment – Desaturate)

Add the first texture.
Open the texture image and drag it to the photo with an eye.

Change the layer blending mode to multiply (Multiplication)
Or try some other. Everyone has their own special effects.

About the following result we got:

Add a layer mask to the texture.
We need to slightly clean the eye (cilia, pupil).

That the mask turned out soft – install a small soft brush of black color, transparency – low.

Do the same with the second and third textures.

This is what should happen:

Now let’s make the eye color more saturated.
Again open the image with the eye and cut out the part that includes the pupil. Move it into a working document and align the images.

Then erase the extra portions of the background around the pupil.

Next, open the Brightness / Contrast window.
(image – adjust – brightness contrast/ Image – Correction – Brightness-Contrast)

Play with the settings.

Can I have some more image – adjust – color balance / Image – Correction – Color balance and then you will definitely find the desired color.

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