Learning to use action in Photoshop

?Hello! In touch Zinaida Lukyanova and the team site.

Do you know what action is? If you ask a question in a search engine, then one of the most popular answers would be something like this: “Action is the perfect option for photo processing for the lazy. You press the necessary button and you get a cool effect! ”.

And this is true, working in the photo editor, action games really save time, help one touch to quickly create various effects from simple to complex.

But if you do not have experience with them, then opening the window with operations for the first time can be overwhelmed by the fact that when you press a button, some actions do not produce any results, while others work with an error. How so? Is the developers something namudri?

But do not panic!

In this video lesson, Marina El will show you what it is about. You will learn how to create, save, use and edit actions. And after a while you will wonder how you lived without them before.

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