Leave your face in history – Greece

Your attention is the 2nd lesson from the series “Leave your face in history”.
In this lesson we will create a Greek-style mural from our portrait.
So let’s get started …

Step 1.

To begin, let’s see where we start, and what we will strive for.

Step 2.

Create a new layer. Set colors for foreground – the black, background – dark grey. Choose a tool Gradient (in the settings, set the radial ). Create a gradient.

Step 3.

Create a new layer, select the tool. elliptical marquee(elliptical selection) and clamping shift, make a selection — a circle, then fill it with orange. Do not deselect.

Step 4.

Further Select – Transform selection (Selection – Transform the selected area) and, clamping Alt + Shift zoom out the selection.

Step 5.

Click Delete. There will be a curb.

Step 6.

Ctrl + click on the thumbnail of the border layer, Select – modify – contract (selection – modification – compress). In the window that appears, enter 20-30 pixels (selection will be narrowed by this amount). Click Delete, there will be two thin borders.

Step 7.

Now we need to draw a shape as in the screenshot.
Create a new layer. Leave only his visible. Choose a tool Pencil. To pencil sketched straight, you need to clamp Shift. Place the resulting figure between two lines, if necessary use Free Transform (Free transformation, Ctrl + T).
Duplicate the layer with the resulting shape, then Free Transform, to place a new shape next to the previous one between the lines. Act in this way until the entire space between the lines is filled.

Step 8.

Intermediate stage.

Step 9.

So we filled the whole space.

Step 10.

To make the curb look complete, you need to connect the figures with each other. Glue all the components of the border in one layer.

Step 11.

Now select the portrait that you are going to transform. Select the person in the photo in the most convenient way for you (Pen, Magnetic Lasso, Layer Mask, …), copy to a new layer and place it in a document with a border, rename it to Girl 1.

Step 12.

On the layers palette, move the border over the portrait. Erase unnecessary part of the photo. Create a copy of the Girl 1 layer, rename it to Girl 2 and turn off its visibility.

Step 13.

Make sure the Girl 1 layer is active. Set the colors: foreground (foreground) – black, background (background) – orange. Use Filter – sketch – photocopy (Filter – sketch – photocopy).
Set the sliders: upper – extreme right position, lower – extreme left.

Step 14.

Turn on visibility Girl 2, make it active. Change Blending Mode (overlay mode) on luminosity (glow).

Step 15.

Use for layer Filter – Artistic – poster edges (Filter – Imitation – Selection of edges). Set the “edge intensity” slider to the position – 0. The rest of the default filter settings.

Step 16.

Erase all light areas from the Girl 2 layer, leaving only dark lines (facial features, necks, dress trim).

Step 17.

Now Layer – new adjustment layer – levels (when creating a new adjustment layer, do not forget to tick off “Use clipping mask for layer” Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask – so on the adjustment layer will only affect the selected layer). Move the middle slider, which is responsible for the middle halftones, to the right to darken the lines even more.

Step 18.

Create a new layer. Use the tool Brush , to paint the hair black.

Step 19.

Gently circle the dark lines with a thin black brush, and your hair with a thin orange brush.

Step 20.

Create a new layer and try to draw sprigs with leaves on your hair.

Step 21

Glue all the layers together. Create a duplicate of the resulting layer (Ctrl + J). Filter – artistic – plastic wrap (Filter – imitation – cellophane packaging), default settings. Edit – fade plastic wrap (Edit – loosen / plastic wrap), set in the settings 60%

Step 22

Choose a tool Erase (Eraser), in the settings of the eraser, increase the size, set the hardness of the brush edges to 0%, reduce the opacity.
Go through the eraser on the “filtered” layer.

Step 23

Glue the layers. Create a duplicate of the resulting layer. Set colors: for Foreground – orange, for Background – the black. Filter – Render – Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds).

Step 24

Change the opacity for the cloud layer to 15%.

Step 25.

Glue the image. Set color for Background – white. Filter – Distort – Diffuse glow (Filter – Distortion – Ambient Light) is the default setting. Edit – fade / diffuse glow (Edit – loosen / diffuse light), move the slider by 15%.

Step 26.

Find the light texture with a crack. Put it in our document on top of the portrait: opacity (opacity) 20-40%, blending mode (overlay mode) – multiply (multiplication).

Step 27.

The finish

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