Lights of the night city

In this lesson we will learn how to edit a photo of a night city that will look like a professional photo.

Professional photographers who take photos of the night city can use different filters in their professional camera to achieve a certain effect on the photos. And what to do when there is no professional equipment, and really want to achieve this effect? This lesson will help us!
First, open the photo, which will work in this lesson.

Also, you can use Images found on the Internet. Duplicate this layer (Ctrl + J) and select Image> Correction> Levels (Image> Adjustments> Levels). Set the approximate parameters:

This is what should happen:

Most of the elements of the photo will disappear, except for bright spots. But now some spots are redundant and we do not need. You can remove it with a black brush.

Well, after we remove the extra, we change the blending mode to Screen and duplicate this layer. Apply Filter> Blur> Motion Blur to current layer:

But this effect is still barely noticeable:

It can be strengthened through Image – Correction – Levels (Image> Adjustments> Levels), settings as in the picture below:

Well, it has already become better. Now click Ctrl+F, this will apply the filter Motion blur once again so that our lights begin to glow.

Looks better than before. We turn to the second part of the effect. Go to the bottom layer with lights and apply Filter – Blur – Motion Blur, but change the parameters to the opposite

Then apply again Image – Correction – Levels (Image> Adjustments> Levels), to the same layer:

And now we apply Blur in motion to the same layer, for this we clamp Crtl + F, this will make our lights even more realistic.

Good. We now have an interesting professional effect.

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