Little Witch in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a collage with a young witch in a dark forest.


Step 1

Create a new document with the following parameters:

Step 2

Open the photo with the forest. Via Move Tool (V) (Move) move it to the working canvas and adjust the size (Ctrl + T):

Step 3

To create a night light effect, add an adjustment layer. Move on Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Gradient Map (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Gradient Map):

Step 4

To make the wood darker, apply Curves adjustment layer (Curves).

Edit the mask of the adjustment layer. We take a black brush with an opacity of 30-40% and paint it as shown in the picture below. It is necessary to lighten the central part of the image. Note: the black brush removes, the white brush restores:

Step 5

To add more light, create a new layer (Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + N) and use a soft brush (color # 21bcbe) to put a spot in the center. Change the blending mode of this layer to Soft light (Soft light):

Step 6

Create another layer and soft brush (B) white color we put in the center a new spot. Layer blend mode set to Soft light (Soft light):

Step 7

Open the photo with the model. In any convenient way we delete the background and place the witch on the track:

Step 8

To change the color of the dress to red (so that it stands out on a blue background), activate Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) (Rectangular Lasso) and select it:

Then apply the filter Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Channel Mixer (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Channel Mixing). Do not forget to activate setting Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask (Create a mask for the previous layer):

Step 9

Hold Cmd / Ctrl and click on the mask thumbnail to load its selection:

Then apply Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Color Balance (Layer – New adjustment layer – Color balance). Do not forget to activate setting Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask (Create a mask for the previous layer):

Step 10

To make the other details of the costume also match in color, we will add Hue / Saturation adjustment layer (Hue / Saturation) in clipping mask mode:

Step 11

We dim the model with Curves adjustment layer (Curves):

Soft black brush edit mask adjustment layer to remove blackout in some places:

Step 12

Apply to model Color Balance adjustment layer (Color balance) to add blue tint:

Step 13

We use Photo Filter Correction Layer (Photo filter) to add more blue tinting on the model:

Edit the mask of the adjustment layer to reduce the amount of blue on the dress:

Step 14

To make the legs darker, apply the Levels adjustment layer and use the mask to remove the correction at the top of the model:

Step 15

Create a new layer and activate the parameter Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask (Create a mask for the previous layer). Change its blend mode to Overlay (Overlap) and fill with 50% gray:

Activate the tool Burn and dodge tool (O) (Dimmer and Clarifier) ​​and set Range (Range) on Midtones (Mid Tones). Exposure (Exposure) set at 10%. Lightly darken the legs and brighten the tip of the hat:

Step 16

Now add a fog effect. Create a new layer with a soft brush (color # 20a6bd) on the hat and back of the model. Reduce the layer opacity to 50%:

Step 17

On a new layer with the same brush, but smaller (about 5-6 pixels), draw a thin strip of light around the edges of the model:

Step 18

Under the model create a new layer. With a soft black brush with opacity of 50% we draw a shadow under the witch’s shoes:

Step 19

Open the image with the eyes 1. With Lasso Tool(L) (Lasso) select the eye and transfer it to the tree on the left. Via Edit – Transform – Warp (Editing – Transformation – Deformation) slightly change its shape:

Add a mask to the eye layer by clicking the button. Add a layer mask (Add layer mask) at the bottom of the layers panel. Use a soft black brush to edit the mask to get rid of hard edges on the eye:

Step 20

The eye stands out too much against the wood. To fix this, go Layer – New Fill Layer – Solid Color (Layer – New Fill Layer – Color):

Reduce the opacity of the layer to 20%, soft black brush (B) edit mask layer Solid color (Color) to slightly reduce the intensity of the orange on the eye:

Step 21

Cut out the second eye and place it on another tree:

Step 22

We treat this eye as the first:

Step 23

Open the second image with the eyes and cut one. Using a mask, we get rid of hard edges:

Step 24

Above the last eye create a new layer in the clipping mask. Soft brush (B) (color # fd7100) paint over the iris of the eye to make it brighter. Change layer blend mode to Overlay (Overlap):

Step 25

Apply to the eye the fill layer Solid color (Color) (color # 017a9b, opacity 20%):

Step 26

Duplicate the last eye (Ctrl + J), reflect it horizontally Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal (Layer – Transformation – Flip Horizontally) and move it to the right side of the image. Repeat the whole process of processing (mask, orange tint, fill):

Step 27

Above all layers add adjustment layer Photo filter (Photo filter):

Edit the layer mask to remove the effect on the model’s face, shoulders and arms:

Step 28

Create an adjustment layer Color balance (Color balance) to add a picture of blue:

Step 29

Add Levels adjustment layer (Levels) to increase contrast:

Edit the mask of the adjustment layer in the areas noted below:

Step 30

Above all layers add Vibrance adjustment layer (Vibration):

Soft black brush (B) edit the mask of the adjustment layer and delete the effect on the upper part of the model:

Step 31

Above all previous layers add a new one. Change color brushes on # ffb595 and press F5 to bring up the brush parameters window:

Use this brush to paint the sparks next to the pot:

Apply adjustment layer to sparks Vibrance (Vibration) in clipping mask mode:

Use a soft black brush to edit the mask of the adjustment layer and remove the effect from the upper sparks so that they are brighter:

Step 32

Double click on the layer with sparks to bring up the window of layer styles. Apply layer style to sparks. Outer glow (External glow):

Step 33

Create a new layer, soft brush (B) (color # ffb595) paint over the top of the pot to create the effect of reflected light from sparks. Change layer blend mode to Color (Chromaticity):

Step 34

Above all layers add new, soft brush (color # ffb595) with opacity and pressure of 20-30% on the hands of the witch draw the reflected light from the sparks:

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