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Good day! With everyone, it probably happened that while reading a book, heroes suddenly came to life and events became almost real … A thrilling feeling, wasn’t it? Let’s try to portray a book fantasy, try to show others your feelings, emotions and impressions of what you read.

Today, we will create a revived book.
This lesson is intended for people who are familiar with the basics of Photoshop.

For the work we need a picture book. It will be more interesting if the book in the photo is a bit tacky.

Materials for the lesson:


And everything else will draw! :))
I created a document about 2700x2500pix in size.
So, we start with the background. Fill the layer with a gradient (see screenshot).

Outline the approximate horizon line and draw a black tight brush houses of the northern capital on a new layer. Buildings you can think of yourself or spy on the photo.

Tip: Background layers are more convenient not to merge until the final composition. Suddenly, the horizon line will have to be shifted slightly or houses shifted. For layers Heaven I created a separate folder.

Copy the layer Houses. With help Edit-Transform-Flip Vertical (EditingTransform – Flip Vertically)Mirror the copy vertically and place it under the main layer. Apply (Filter-Blur-Motion blur) Filter – Blur – Motion Blur: Angle (Angle) – 0, Distance (Offset) – approximately 70pix. This is what happens:

We work further, we make the sky darker. Create a new layer and fill it with color. # 3b2452. Change the blending mode to Multiply (Multiplication).

Add layer mask. Now, with the help of this brush, I began to erase the excess. We draw a black brush on a white mask. Thus, we highlight the sky in certain areas.

Being on a layer Dark sky, make the layer mask active and apply the Motion Blur filter to it (approximately 150pix) and Gaussian blur – approximately 25pix (Filter-Blur-Motion blur, –Gaussian blur).
Brush clouds can be downloaded here or draw yourself.

Create a new layer and fill it with black. So we darken the sky a little more. Add a layer mask and invert it (Ctrl +I). Now we draw with the same brush, but already white with a black mask and show the darkening of the sky where we need it. Change layer blending mode to Multiply (Multiplication) opacity Opacity (Lack of transparency) 85%

Draw the clouds. Same brush but colors # 706a36 draw clouds on a new layer. Now apply (Filter-Blur-Motion blur) Blur motion filter: Angle (Angle) – 90gr, Distance (Offset) – approximately 70pix. And with Editing – Transforming – Perspective (Edit-Transform-Perspective) we give the clouds a position in space.

For layer Clouds create two clipping masks (PCM, being on the layer Clouds – in the drop-down menu select Create wrapper mask / Create Clipping Mask). On one of these layers we add a shadow with a black “fluffy” brush, and light on the other with a white brush.

And I added light areas to the sky on a separate layer. Worked with the same white brush.

The board: When drawing clouds, change the size of the brush, its opacity, rotation angle, etc. It turns out beautiful and more convenient to work.

We turn to the creation of the Neva water.
Copy the folder Sky (but without houses and their reflections). Merge the layers of the copied folder together, cut off all the excess at the bottom of the horizon (for example, using the Polygonal Lasso tool / Polygonal Lasso). Mirror the sky vertically and place under the layer Houses.

With the help of a black, hard brush we draw stripes on a new layer (remember the perspective). Merge layers: reflection and water ripples. Apply the Motion Blur filter and slightly reduce the color of the resulting layer (Image – Correction – Color / saturation / Image-Adjustmens-Hue / Saturation).

And you can also draw a salute in honor of the emperor!
We draw a white brush from the standard set of one stroke (one). Next, with the Finger tool (Smudge) we spread points, receiving streams of salute (2).

Create a new layer with the same brush and paint with different colors in the flash area (3). Translate the layer with colored dots into the state of clipping mask for salute (right-click – select in the drop-down menu Create Clipping Mask). Apply Gaussian blur filter (Filter-Blur – Gaussian blur) about tenpix (four).

Merge two layers of salute (color and trickles), then copy the resulting layer. The copy below is blurred with a Gaussian blur (Filter-Blur – Gaussian blur) about tenpix (five). I reduced the opacity (Opacitya) main layer Salute (before 55%) and slightly shifted toward the blurred bottom layer. Combine these two layers in the group – Salyut1. Change the blending mode of this group to Linear Brightening (Leaner Dodge).

Now, above this group, create another new layer and put a light yellow spot on it with a soft, large brush. The blend mode of this layer is changed to Brighten (Screen), opacity (Opacity) 75% (6). All that happened: the group Salyut1 and a layer with a yellow spot, again we unite in a group – we will call Salute total. Now we copy it and distribute the flashes in the sky, as you like (7).

Now let’s work with a photo book.
Open the photo and go to the Channels panel, select the Blue Channel (Blue), copy it and work with the levels (Image – Correction – Levels / Image-Adjustments-Levels) in order to better separate the picture from the background. Something like this…

The resulting mask needs to be improved: with a black hard brush we paint over what should remain; white brush that we will delete.

Create a selection based on the new channel (click on the channel icon, while pressing Ctrl) and delete all unnecessary, that is, the background.
We place the image of the carved book in the working paper.
It turns out that:

Now, using the mask for the book layer, hide the extra pages.

Let’s start drawing a living book.
We need the source – a sheet of paper. You can use the same photo as me, or you can find your own.

Similarly, with the heroes of the book, or use my sketches for work, or create your characters.

We start to draw “paper” heroes. First ship masts.

Create a new document about 1000x2200pix. We transfer the sketch of the ship’s mast and photo of a sheet of paper into this document and begin to work. Draw such lines conveniently with the Pen tool. (Pen).

Draw the mast with Pen, turn the vector stroke into a selection (Load path as a selection -button on the Outlines panel). Invert the selection and, being on the layer with the paper texture, click Delete. Pre-layer with paper to copy. That is, we cut out a piece of paper that will be a mast (one). You can copy the selection from the layer with the source and paste it on a new one – for whom it is convenient.

Now add the shadows. The light from the salute is on our right, and the mast is a piece of paper folded along. I created a layer selection (press Ctrl+click on the layer icon) and drag it (Select – Transform the selected area / Select-Transform Selection), made this selection the base layer mask Levels (Levels, button at the bottom of the layers panel – Create a new adjustment layer or fill layer / Create new fill or adjustment layer). Layer LevelsLevels need to be turned into a clipping mask (right-click, being on this layer – Create clipping mask / Create Clipping Mask). Now we darken the selected area (2).

Merge the layers of the resulting mast, copy it and place it in the figure using Transformation (Edit-Transform …) (3).

In the same way we draw the basis for the sails (four).

Now we draw the sails. First, the form, and then the Pen draw the outlines of the folds and translate the outline into a selection (Load path as a selection/ Load contour as selected area) – button on the Outlines panel). Also create a clipping layer. LevelsLevels and working with a soft black and white brush to create shadows on the folds of the paper. I used two layers Levels for each layer with a paper part, with different transparency and different masks. It was more convenient for me to create volume.

We also draw ropes using the Pen tool. Set the brush thickness approximately 7pix color #b58b50. And we make a stroke on the New layer (right-click, with the Pen tool active, select in the drop-down menu Run a path / Stroke path), behind the sails.

We make the shadows of the sails and ropes. Create a selection of the desired layer (press Ctrl+click on the layer icon) and add a brown color to the new layer. This layer has Shadows change the blending mode to Multiply (Multiply), opacity (Opacity) about 70%. Shift the layer with the shadows to the side and apply a Gaussian blur (Filter-Blur – Gaussian blur) about fivepix.

Can save document Masts and, making the reduction of all visible layers (Crtl +Alt +Shift +E), move Masts in the main working paper.

Add a little light to the sail – clipping mask on the new layer.
We deform the book a little with the help of the Plastic filter /Liquify and “cut” a hole in the page using a layer mask. Then shade.

Drawing on other characters of the book will be based on this algorithm. Namely: cut a piece of paper (you can use different parts of the sheet), if necessary, we deform it and create shadows. To create shadows, I copied the Correction layer. Levels from previously created layers. This is done so that the shadows on different objects are the same.

Of course, you can re-create a new adjustment layer each time and change the numerical values, but it seems to me to copy the layer faster. If necessary, you can copy the layer Levels for one layer, invert the mask of this layer, change the degree of opacity of the brushes or the layer itself …

Further actions I will describe briefly.
Draw a gun. I did this item right away in the working paper, since it had to be immediately drawn into the book.

I started from the barrel of the gun. First, the details (the form is drawn with the help of the Pen), then the shadows (adjustment layer Levels). Then in the same way the base of the gun and the wheel.

On the wheel dwell in more detail. With the oval selection (EllipticalMarquee Tool) I made three circles on separate layers (one slightly smaller than the main one, the other very small in the center). For each layer I made separate shadows. I created the volume for a small circle in the center using a conical gradient in the quick mask mode.

The resulting selection became the basis for the adjustment layer mask. Levels, in the form of a clipping mask for a small circle. Then cuts on the wheel. I drew a 4-coal object, copied it and turned each copy on 45grd. Then she merged the layers and got a selection (click on the thumbnail of the layer +Ctrl), with the help of which I removed all the excess on two layers of the wheel.

Then she added a little light – a light yellow brush on a separate layer above the layers of the gun, which she blurred using the Gaussian blur (Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur) and reduced the opacity of the layer to about 70%. I also added text to the book page, near the gun. You can type the text yourself or copy part of a page from any photo of an open book. The text is placed on a separate layer, the blending mode Multiplication (Multiply), opacity approximately 50-60%. You can also slightly deform the pages using the filter Liquify.

This is what happens at this stage.

It was the turn of the main character – Tsar Peter.

First, we deform the book again (Plastic filter / Liquify) where Peter will stand.

Now we create a noticeable document of 2200x155pix. I began to draw a human figure with the selection of individual parts. Then cast shadows using a layer Levels, which we have already used before.

Moving the main character to the main working document. Add light – light yellow brush on a separate layer. Blur Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur 15pix. Reduce the opacity of the layer to about 70-75%. That’s what happens.

Recent adjustments: I have darkened some details of Peter’s clothes; added shadows; embellished the book so that there were no white lightened spots (on the new layer I filled the area of ​​the book with color # b44b0d, copied the resulting layer; for the bottom set the overlay mode Overlay/ Overlap, opacityOpacity 7%, and for the top – Spot light /Pin Light, 18%); a little blurred the contour of the buildings of the capital in the background.

And now, the result of our long and hard work! :))))

Best wishes,

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