Loneliness and Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple night scene manipulation in Photoshop. We work with hair models, and how to create light effects and shadows.

Lesson resources:

Step 1

Open the original image of the model and use the tool “Magnetic Lasso (L) ”(Magnetic Lasso Tool) remove the sky and the sea (leave only the girl and the rock on which she sits). If you casually singled out the hair – it does not matter, in the future we have to work on them.

Step 2

Open the original background image and use the tool “Moving ” (Move Tool) move our model and transform by pressing the keys (Ctrl + T) as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3. Work with hair

The difficulty of this lesson is that here we need to draw hair, for this create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) use any color you would like to draw the hair (preferably use dark colors since we have a night scene). And on this first hair drawing layer, draw in dark tones the basic shape of your future hair, then after you’ve finished drawing the basic shape for the hair above all layers, create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) and now use brighter tones.

Do these actions on different layers and with each layer choose shades lighter. Next you can use the tool “Finger (Smudge Tool), use different brush sizes to blur the edges. Do not use the “Finger” tool (Smudge Tool) on the original layer with the model, because in the future if you don’t like the result you can’t cancel it and you will have to delete the layer.

After you have more or less finished working with the model’s hair, create a new layer above the hair layer and apply a “Clipping Mask” to it (hold down the Alt key and hover the mouse between the hair layer and the new layer created) you will see the layer icon with an arrow down and left click.

Standing on a layer (which we tied to the hair) go to Editing – Run fill – 50% gray, use the tool “Dimmer (Burn Tool) and create hair shadows, and now use the tool “Clarifier (Dodge Tool) to fix the result and add incident light to some areas of the hair as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 4. Shading

Using the tool “Dimmer (Burn Tool) we will add a shadow on the back of our model. After you have selected the “Dimmer” tool, let’s customize the brush. The brush is soft, the size is arbitrary. Exposure 27%, or higher, depending on how much you want to darken the back of a girl.

Using the tool “Sponge (Sponge Tool) you can reduce or increase the color saturation of the shadow model. And also necessary with the tool “Dimmer”(Burn Tool) darken the bright areas of the rock on which the girl sits.

Step 5. Give the glow

In this step, we need to give a realistic effect of the incident glow from the moon. Duplicate the layer with the girl and select the tool “Clarifier (Dodge Tool) You can use an arbitrary brush size. Set the Exposure to 54% and walk on the shoulder of the girl and other places where you wanted to have a glow. To make it more realistic in the same way, go over some parts of the rock to which the light should fall.

Step 6. Fog

Add a little fog to our scene. Create a new layer above the background layer, and name it “Fog”. Once you have loaded the fog brush standing on the “Fog” layer using the tool “Brush soft brush of any size. Walk a little higher than the rock on which the girl is sitting, this action will add to our scene a bit of realism that the fog as it rises from the lowland.

Create a new layer on top of the background layer and name it “Falling Light”. Change its blending mode to “Overlap”(Overlay). Using the tool “Cystsь ” (Brush Tool) Brush soft size 960 pix. Brush modeSoft light“. (Soft Light) 95% opacity of the brush (fcfbfb) and go to those places where you would like to add the effect of a falling glow from the moon (in our case, the glow falls on the girl’s shoulder and a little on the rock) And you can also change the opacity of the brush depending on the intensity of the glow.

Step 7. Add a candle

Open the original image with a candle and place it on a rock next to the girl (the layer with the candle should be located above all layers). Create a new layer above the candlestick layer and rename it to “Glow”. Change its blending mode to “Overlap”(Overlay).

Use the “Brush (Brush Tool) brush soft size 86 pix. Brush mode “Soft light” (Softlight). Reduce the opacity of the brush to 95% color (fde783) and go to the places where the light comes from the candle.

Step 8. The light coming from the candle

Create a new layer above the layer with the girl change the blending mode to “Overlap”(Overlay) rename it to“ Candlelight ”. Using the tool “Brush (Brush tool) brush soft size 152 pix. Brush modeSoft light“(Softlight). Color (fdbe4f) walk on those places on the rock on which the light from the candle should fall. Create a new layer above the layer with the girl and name it “Glow on the model” change its blending mode to “Overlap”(Overlay). And do the same job at the beginning of this step. Create another layer above the girl layer and add a little more fog around the edges as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 9

Merge all the layers into one, for this, hold down the key combination: Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E. Add some colors to our composition. Go to: Image – Correction – Color Balance (Image – Adjustments – Color Balance) and apply the following parameters: Levels: Left value: -27 Average value: +4 Right value: +19. Tone balance: Light.

Next we will work with the adjustment layer “Photo filter”To give our scene some bluish shades.

To do this, go to Image – Correction – Photo Filter (Image – Adjustments – Photo Filter) and set the following values: Filter: Cold filter 80, Lower density to 21%.

Step 10. Sharpness of the image

Here we give our image a bit of sharpness. To do this, go to: Filter – Sharpening – Smart Sharpen (Filter – Sharpen – Smart Sharpen). And apply the following parameters: Effect: 76%, Radius: 1.3 pix. Item “Delete” Gaussian Blur.

You can increase or decrease the radius as much as you want by using the tool “Blur“(Blur Tool) on the edges of the rock.

Step 11

Stayed last step! There is a little trick for people who do not know how to give their hair a colored effect. Duplicate the layer glued by us earlier, and go to: Filter – Filter Gallery – Imitation – Oil Painting (Filter-Artistic-Paint Daubs). Brush size: 1%, Sharpness: 1%. Brush type: simple. Now use the “Eraser (Eraser Tool). Go through the following places from which you want to remove the effect: Rock, body, sky, and trees. Simply put erase from everything except hair.

And so we did it! Below you can see the end result of the lesson. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

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