Look into infinity

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the colors of a photo, work with layers, change eye color, create your own masterpiece using brushes and textures.

So, let’s begin!
Open the picture:

Hold ctrl + m and in the opened window (Curves) fix the colors:

This is what will happen after this:

To change the color of the girl’s eye, we need to draw several circles, for this we use the tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool). We do all this by creating a new layer.

Select the layer with just drawn circles and go Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur)

The blend mode of this layer is changed to Overlap (Overlay)

Draw grass and several trees along the bottom edge. The author used brushes for this (you can use suitable brushes from the Nature section):

Now decorate the eye itself. Separated from the background butterflies and twig, for example, using Magnetic Lasso (Magnetic Tool). Cut them with Ctrl +X and paste on a new layer in our work CTRL +V.

Butterflies should be discolored: Image – Correction – Discolor (Image – Abjustments – Desaturate) or shift + ctrl + u. And now we increase their brightness and contrast, for this Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast.

Now we shall decorate the eye with the help of ready brushes and butterflies. Copy the layer and apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur), merge the layers (Ctrl + e) ​​and change the blending mode to Multiplication (Multiply)

Now open the photo with the sky

Make the image darker and more contrast. For this: Image – Correction – Curves (Image – Adjustments – Curves)

Cut out the clouds in the eye line using Polygonal Lasso(Polygonal Lasso Tool)

Mix type change to Multiplication (Multiply). Take a brush similar to a marble pattern (or use brushes with cracks) and cover the entire surface with it, except for the eye itself.

Change layer type to Soft light (SoftLight). Take a solid round brush and make several prints of different diameters.

Apply to layer with dots. Filter – Blur – Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur). Duplicate the image several times. Then apply to each duplicate. Filter – Blur – Blur by Gauss (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur), setting a different radius.

Referring to each of the newly created layers, apply Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Motion Blur). Merge all these layers, ctrl + e

Move the picture, imitating clusters of stars.

Here is the final result of the author:

But what happened to me, the lesson translator:

Good luck to you in learning this wonderful Photoshop program!

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