Magic magician in photoshop

Hello! How are you set to create a little magic today? I am fine. However, let’s create not traditional magic, but something unique and funny.

How about creating ocean magic out of magician’s pockets? Sounds interesting isn’t it? I know it so. Before you bring your magic wand, let’s just see what components we need for this magical image.

First of all, we need:

Look at the finished image before going ahead

Step 1

Open the image with a conjurer and make it a layer by double clicking on it.

Step 2

Open the image with a spray of water and copy the whole image.

Step 3

Insert a splatter image into our magician scene and place it using Move Tool (Move) as shown in the figure below. Resize with free transform (Ctrl + T)

Step 4

Set the blending mode for the water spray layer. Exclusion (An exception), Opacity (Opacity) leave 100%.

Step 5

Now we will change the color of the spray so that it harmonizes with the whole scene. Go to menu Image -> Adjustments-> Hue / Saturation (Image -> Correction -> Hue / Saturation)

Step 6

Customize Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) as shown below.

Step 7

Repeat the previous steps and add another image with splashes to the magician, but on the left side, for this, apply Edit->Transform-> FlipHorizontal (Edit -> Transform -> Flip Horizontally) and also change the color.

Step 8

Now open the image with goldfish, separate them from the background and paste into our working paper (as shown below). Decrease Opacity (Opacity) layer up to 87%, thus making the color more delicate.

Step 9

Duplicate the fish layer, then press (Ctrl + T), right-click on the transformation form, and then select from the drop-down menu FlipHorizontal (Flip horizontally).

Step 10

Place the copies on the right side of the conjurer. Add 4 more fish, 3 for each side.

Step 11

Open the image with the starfish, cut and paste it onto the stage with our magician. Arrange it so that it looks as if it climbs out from under a magician’s waistcoat. Erase a pair of her limbs with EraserTool (Eraser)

Step 12

Now we will add a small shadow to the starfish. Right click on the starfish layer, go to Blending options (Overlay Settings) and select Drop shadow (Shadow).

Step 13

Add another star to the magician’s hat and repeat steps 11 and 12.

Step 14

And finally, add a seashell to the hat next to the starfish. As in the case of the starfish, open the image with the shell, separate it from the background and paste on the hat.

Here we are done. Your ocean magic is ready. I hope you had fun and are happy with what happened. Soon I’ll be back with another interesting lesson, even more creative and fun. Until!

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