Magic tree

Today we will create a magic tree with golden apples using Photoshop.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Open the tree image in Photoshop. Separate the tree from the background in a way that is convenient for you (for example, using a layer mask (Layer Mask) or Filter \ Extract (Extract Filter), name the layer “tree”

Step 2. Select tool “Brush (Brush Tool) and on the new layer, name the “branches”, draw the branches of the tree, changing the brush diameter settings

Step 3. Load the selection of the “branches” layer (Ctrl+cry on layer miniature), make active the tool “Stamp (Clone Stamp) (in the settings, put a sample: all layers) and clone the sections from the tree and transfer to the branches

Step 4. Apply layer styles to the “branch” layer: Stamping\ Bevel and Emboss

Gradient Overlay\ Gradient Overlay

Overlapping pattern\ Pattern Overlay

Step 5. Using the “Stamp (Stamp Tool) process in the joints of the branches and the trunk

Step 6. Using a small brush, draw small twigs.

Step 7. Now let’s start creating the background. Create a new layer, name it “background”, on the layers palette place below all layers. Select tool “Gradient (Gradient Tool), radial and apply

Step 8. Go to the tree layer, discolor the tree: in the menu, apply Image \ Correction \ Black-White (Image \ Adjustments \ BlackWhite), parameter set: green

Step 9. Add a layer mask and a large soft gray brush paint over the top branches.

Step 10. Apply layer styles: Gradient Overlay\ Gradient Overlay from dark brown to light brown, blending mode: Overlap

Internal glow\ Inner Glow

Color overlay\ Color Overlay

Step 11. Duplicate the tree layer and delete the layer styles. Apply to duplicated layer Filter \ Sketch \ Chrome (Filter \ Sketch \ Chrome), play with the filter settings

Change the blending mode for the layer to “Lightening basics“(Color Dodge) and 85% opacity

Step 12. Open the image with the sky, transfer it to our document, name the layer “sky” and place the “background” above the layer on the layers palette, discolor (Shift+Ctrl+U). Change the blending mode for the layer to Overlap (Overlay) and opacity (Opacity) set 60%

Step 13. Apply a layer style to the sky layer Gradient Overlay\ Gradient Overlay

Step 14. On the new layer tool “Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) in shape mode, draw an oval, name the layer “ground”. Rasterize the layer (right click on the layer and select “rasterize the layer” from the list), apply Filter \ Blur \ Gauss Blur (Filter \ Blur \ Gaussian Blur), 5 px radius, apply a layer style Gradient Overlay\ Gradient Overlay, radial, color yellow brown

Step 15. Select tool “Brush (Brush Tool), settings below and draw stars on the new layer, name the stars, open the palette of brushes Window \ Brushes (Window \ Brush) and play with the settings

And add small dots on the ground using a regular round brush on a new layer.

Apply layer styles to a dotted layer. Inner shadow\ Inner Shadow

Stamping\ Bevel and Emboss


Overlaycolors\ Color Overlay

Overlappattern\ Pattern Overlay

Step 16. Add small light points near the roots on the new layer.

Apply layer styles: Stamping\ Bevel and Emboss

Color overlay\ Color Overlay

Stroke\ Stroke

Add the same points to the branches.

Step 17. Tool “Brush (Brush Tool), changing the size, draw the crown of the tree, copy the layer styles to step 16

Step 18. Create a new layer, set the blending mode for the layer “Soft light“, opacity 80% and draw light areas on the branches, the color of the brush is white

Step 19. Paste the image with the apple on a new layer, then discolor Image \ Correction \ Black-White (Image \ Adjustments \ BlackWhite)

Step 20. Apply layer styles to an apple

External glow\ Outer Glow

Color overlay\ Color Overlay

Gradient Overlay\ Gradient Overlay: linear, angle 0 and apply a golden gradient, play with blending modes
Final result

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