Make-up for brave girls

Want to try on a virtual or extreme make-up on yourself or your friend? Then let’s get started.

Now we will change the color of the eyes to the usual sweet face, paint the lips, cheeks and eyes.

This lesson is especially useful if you want to know if a particular make-up will suit you, but you don’t really want to paint your face.

Open finally the photo in Photoshop!

Select the eyes with the tool and copy them to a new layer (Ctrl + J)

Give them a seductively blue color using the color / saturation window. CTRL + U; do not forget to check the box Colorize (Toning)

Now highlight the lips with Lasso and also copy them to a new layer:

Make them erotically red (CTRL + U);

Next, install a large soft red brush with low transparency and paint a blush on the cheeks.

Select the eyes as shown in the image and copy them to a new layer;

Take the tool (dimmer) and add eye shadow.

Take the tool (Blur), go to the base layer, set the middle brush and rub it on the face of the model to make the skin smooth and silky.

Return the remaining layers.

Battle coloring is ready! You can go scare people!

To heighten the extreme, you can also add a lighting effects filter (Filter> Render> Lightning Effects / Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects)

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