Make your Avatar in Photoshop

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

Hello! In this lesson I will show you how to make Avatar – a hybrid of a man and the inhabitants of the planet Pandora – Na`vi.

You are welcome! Before you ask questions in the comments and say that something does not work, make sure that you have the skills to use
– Transformation – Warp
– Layer mask
– Allotment
– Stamp Treating Brush
– Brush Settings
– Work with layers
– Blend mode
– Layer styles
– Levels
– Free transform
– Filters
If you do not know something, do not be lazy to find it on the site.

To create an avatar, I took a photo of Keira Knightley

The main front of work – the face. Therefore, I cropped the photo.

Na`vi’s nose is wide, especially between the eyebrows.
Highlight with Lasso nose

Right-click on the selection and select “Copy to New Layer”.
Editing – Transform – Warp.

I still have a small crook on the top left, so I deformed her too.

As you can see, the nose comes out on the eye. Add a layer mask and a soft black brush to remove excess areas.

Go back to the Photo layer.
Select the eye and “Copy to New Layer”. (If necessary, you can temporarily hide the enlarged nose by clicking on the eye in the Layers panel).

Editing – Free Transform. Holding Shift, increase the eye.

To put the eye on the right place, make the layer Opacity around 60% and match the pupil of the enlarged eye with the normal one.

Add a Layer mask and remove excess areas around the eye.
Select the inner corner of the eye and “Copy to a new layer.”
Using the Warp, bend it down.

Select the pupil on the Eye layer. Copy to a new layer.
Filter – Distortion – Spherization 70%.
Make the Opacity of the layer 60% and place the enlarged pupil at the right place.
Add a Layer mask and remove the extra plots.

Do the same thing with the second eye.

Go back to the Photo layer.
Eyebrows have Na`vi and look like smooth dark lines.
Select and “Copy an eyebrow to a new layer”.
Filter – Noise – Median.

Add a Layer mask and remove excess areas (blurred skin around the eyebrows).
Eyebrows can be made darker using Dimmer .
All the same, do the second eyebrow.

Merge all layers. I called the resulting layer “Plastic”.
Duplicate the layer. I called it “Blue Skin”.
Add a Layer Style – Color Overlay. Color may vary depending on the initial skin tone. I took the color 28e73.

Image – Correction – Levels.

Add a Layer mask and remove the blue color from the eyes, hair and background. I also cleared the ears, because then they will need to be removed.
With lips, you should do this: in the layer mask blackbrush with a slight Opacity (about 30%) clear all lips. And then a small brush white color and about 40% opacity to walk along the outer lip line to make it darker.

This is what my Layer Mask looks like (you can see yours by clicking on it while holding down Alt).

Create a new layer. Black brush paint background.

We work with the eyes.
Go back to the Plastic layer, select the eyes. Image – Correction – Discolor.

Create a new layer above the plastic layer.
Sketch the iris ffda8f color.
Blend mode Overlap.
Add a Layer mask and remove the extra plots.

Duplicate this layer and change the blending mode to Soft light.

Create a new layer.
With a brush of a very small radius (about 4) of black color, stroke the eye. Layer opacity set to 15%.

Create a new layer.
Black brush of radius 1 draw lines on the iris.
Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur. Radius about 0.5.
Layer opacity set to 15%.

Looking for long beautiful eyelashes. You can download them here or here. I took these

Create a new layer above the blue skin layer. Draw one of the eyelashes. Change its shape with Warp.
Also deal with the other three. I made each brush on a separate layer for convenience.
Add a Layer mask and remove the extra plots.

At the moment I have such layers

Go back to the plastic layer.
Duplicate this layer.
Highlight the eyes and lips and click Delete, to clear the selected area.
For the resulting layer, change Levels.

It’s time to change your ears!
I cut them out with a photo of Na`vi.

Reduce the ears and put them in the right place using Free transform.
Add a layer mask and remove the extra areas.

One ear is clearly too light, and the other is too dark. Levels will help fix this problem. Also, for the right ear, I have reduced Saturation. Pink ear color should match the color of the lips!

Four ears are not aesthetically pleasing! Therefore, we will return to the Plastic layer (copy) and remove the ears using Stamp and Treatment brush .

Now create a new layer above all. Take soft brush with 10% Opacity. Give your face the desired shape, features and volume by painting the shadows in black and the highlights in white. The face should be slightly triangular in shape. For better effect, open the picture Na`vi, look at it and make it look like

Create a new layer above all. With a small-diameter brush, draw a line on the nose; it will enclose a pink spot.

Go back to the blue skin layer and translucent brush to erase the nose below the line.
The color of the nose should match the color of the lips.

Add war paint!
Create a brush with these settings.

Draw battle lines
Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur. Radius of about 1.

Or you can insert a finished picture.
Duplicate the Battle Coloring layer.
For the bottom: Overlay mode Overlap, Opacity 60%
For the top: Opacity 20%

Add a Layer mask to each layer and process the lines. I advise while looking at the photo Na`vi

It is time for magic and light! Add stars.
Create a new layer above all.
Take Brush with a hardness of 90% and a small radius (I have 4).
Draw the stars! Most of them are on the forehead and nose, but they are scattered like sparkles and all over the body.

Not enough bluish radiance. You can simply add the Outer Glow, but I will suggest another way.
Duplicate the Star layer.
Create a new layer between them.
Fill it with any color.
Put the main color white, and the background 6affff.
Filter – Rendering – Fibers. All values ​​set to maximum.
Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur. Radius of about 4.
Levels. Move the white cursor to the left for more white spots.
In the end, you should get this

Right-click on the Fiber layer and select Create Clipping Mask.
For the bottom layer of the Star Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur. Radius about 0.5.

The face is too blurry, you need to add texture to it. I took just this (it is standard).

Filter – Noise – Add Noise.

Blend mode Soft light, Opacity about 30%.
Add a Layer mask and clean your hair, lips, eyes, etc.

Add an inscription.
You can just cut it from here, Blend Mode Lightening.

Or you can create an inscription yourself.
In the new document, fill the background with black.
Write the desired text.
I took the Tagsxtreme font, but you may be lucky to find a better one.

Add a layer style Gradient overlay (colors d9e9eb and 306988)

Make the following settings for the brush:
(Hardness 100%, Radius about 2, Opacity 100%)

Add a Layer mask go to the Text layer and use this brush to wrap around the edges of the text so that they become ragged.
(Hint: If you hold Shift, putting two points, then a straight line will be drawn between them)

Add Layer Style External glow.

Add Layer Style Inner shadow

Create a new layer.
Brush white. Hardness 0%. Put a glare.

It remains to glue all the layers (except the background!) And copy to Avatar

Well that’s all! Avatar is ready!

Thanks for attention! I would be glad to see your Avatars!

Lesson author: Potapova Irina

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