Making a black crow collage in Photoshop

For this tutorial you will need to download these photos and brushes:

Step 1. First of all, open a new document in the size of 1200x1701xp. And import Photos of old paper 1

Step 2. Discolor texture (Ctrl+Shift+U), and then open up the Layer Style, Laye> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay (Layers> Layer Styles> Gradient Overlay). Here you need to install Blend mode (overlay mode)Overlay (overlap), Opacity (opacity) 80%, gradient from white to black, Scale (scale) 129% .

Step 3. We import the photo of old paper 2. discolored layer (Ctrl+Shift+U) and using eraser ( E) erase everything except cracks.

Step 4. Open the image with the crow, cut it out of the image and import it into your document. Duplicate the black layer (Ctrl+J), discolor it (Ctrl+Shift+U), change the blending mode to Multiply (multiplication) and reduce the transparency of the layer.

Step 5. Duplicate the layer. Set the blending mode Multiply(multiplication) and a layer transparency of 40%. In addition, you need to add more shadows and light to the image using Dodge tool (clarifier) ​​and Burn tool (dimmer) (O).

Step 6. Now create a new group and place all the layers with the crow there. Then create another group in which we will conduct changes on the crow. Black out a little more crow, duplicating the last layer that we created in step 5. Now let’s bring her blue eyes back. To do this, create a mask on the layer with the crow and using a black brush to erase the eye area.

Step 7. Now let’s start adding plumage around the crow. Create a new group and place it under the group with the crow. In this group we will add feathers with the help of brushes. Look at the images below for reference.

Step 8. In this step, open the image of the pen that you will work with and go to Select> Color Range (Highlight> color range). Use the dropper to select the color you want to highlight. Sometimes the result is not very. Experiment with customization. Fuzziness, to get a tidier selection. Invert the selection, copy it and paste it onto the main document. Now discolor the pen using (Ctrl+Shift+U).

Step 9. Continue adding feathers with brushes.

Step 10. We continue to add plumage until all the empty parts are filled. Now add the second image of the crow, resize with Ctrl + T and apply to the image FlipHorizontal(flip horizontally),Edit>Traysform>FlipHorizontal(Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontally).

Step 11. Open another image with a pen and also extract it from the background. To extract this image, do the following:
1. Remove from the image with an eraser, areas of similar color with a pen.
2. With Levels(levels) (Ctrl+L) change the color of the pen. Select the pen Select > ColorRange (Highlight> color range), then change color to black with white (Ctrl+Shift+U), we invert the image (Ctrl+I), duplicate it (Ctrl+J) and change the blending mode to Multiply (multiplication).

Step 12. Now put the feather on the bird’s head. Brushes continue to add extra plumage.

Step 13. Duplicate pen and help Warp (deformation) We give the crow a punk hairstyle.

Step 14. Now add feathers around the crow. Open the image and extract these feathers from the background using the same technique as before. Then we put each feather in its place.

Step 15. At the end, to add volume to our image, add a shadow for some feathers. To add a contrast to the image, play with the curves settings. Ctrl + M. Feathers that hover in the foreground would be nice to blur a little with the filter. Gaussian blur (Gaussian blur) Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) to add depth and extra sharpness to your work.

Author: Constantin potorac

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