Making a friendly cartoon in Photoshop

Cartoons are often compared with caricatures. But their main difference is that they do not make fun of the hero, but rather cause a kind smile.

Therefore, we offer you a new lesson by Irina Gorodetsky, in which you will learn how, observing the basic principles of creating a caricature, to make a portrait in a kind, funny, and most importantly, recognizable form.

We are sure that such a cartoon will be an original and fun gift for your friends!

Download the archive with materials for the lesson

After seeing the lesson, you:

  • Learn how to clipping the image.
  • Retouch your costume, skin.
  • Finish your hair, shadows and highlights.
  • Modify the features of the model using the Plastic filter.
  • Perform color correction using correction layers.
  • Add richness to your image using Camera Raw.

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