Making a pencil drawing in Photoshop

The beauty of the pencil drawing largely depends on the artist himself, despite the huge number of plug-ins and built-in effects of Photoshop itself. In this lesson you will learn how to draw a real pencil drawing, without resorting to using these effects. Your work will be more realistic than ever.

We will use this photo here.

Step 1. Open the file we need.

Then go to the menu Layer – New Fill Layer – Color (Layer – New Fill Layer – Solid Color). In the opened dialog box, name the layer “nen giay” and click OK. In another dialog box, you use the settings below.

Click OK.
Next, go to the menu Layer – NewLayerFill – Pattern (Layer – New Fill Layer – pattern). Name this layer “nep giay”. In the window, click on the pattern, and then on the small button, as on the tablet below:

Choose from the standard set “Texture Fill” (Artist Surfaces) – OK. And choose a pattern with the name “Canvas” (Burlap).
Install Scale (Scale) at 30%.
Install Blend Mode (BlendOption) on Replace with Dark (Darken) and Fill (Fill) – 25%.
Duplicate the background, it is also the background (Background).

Call this layer “vien”. Move this layer to the top.
Then go to the menu Filter – Stylization – Glow Edges (Filter – Stylize – Glowing Edges). Set the following parameters:

Click OK. Then click Ctrl + shift + u, to discolor the image. Push Ctrl+I, to invert colors. Now the picture has borders. But note that there are some big black lines, use a white brush to remove them.

Install Blend Mode on Multiply (Multiply) and Fill (Fill) by 50%. Duplicate the background again and name it “ve”. Put it up again. Click Ctrl + shift + u, to discolor the image. Then go to menu Image –Correction – Brightness / Contrast (Image – Adjustments – Brightness / Contrast). Set the following settings (if you used your picture, they may differ):

Then go to the menu Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add Noise).

Install Blend Mode (Blend Option) on Multiplication (Multiply).
Next, go to the menu Layer – Layer Mask – Hide All (Layer – Layer Mask – Hide All).
In this step, the “ve” layer, there is a mask that hides all the other layers.

Step 2. Select Brush tool (Brush Tool) using the set “Dry brushes” (Dry Media Brushes):

Select the first brush in this list.

Click F5, to call Brushes Management Palette (Brush Options Panel), and set the following settings:
– Brush Tip shape: + Roundness 20%
– Angles -120
– Shape Dynamics: + Control: Fade: 255
– Minimum Diameter: 16%
(settings are not translated to avoid confusion, because each Russian version of Photoshop can differ in the translation of words. Focus on the screenshot below)

Now turn to drawing. First we need to make a sketch. Changing Angle(Angles) and Minimum Diameter (MinimumDiameter), adjust the brush. Press down [ or ], to change the size of the brush. Press down Shift + [ or ], to adjust the softness of the brush.

When drawing, use a little bit of artistic technique and change the settings of the brush.

When finished click Ctrl + Alt + E, to drain the layers. Use ToolDimmer (Burn Tool) with an exposure setting of 10-15%.
Here is the final result:

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