Making a photo effect in the style of the movie Silent Hill

In this lesson you will learn how to do a job similar to the Silent Hill movie poster.

Materials for the lesson:

Before we proceed to the lesson, I want to note that this lesson is aimed at people with the following skills:
– Stamp , Curing brush Making a photo effect in the style of the movie Silent Hill
– Layer mask
– Quick mask
– Blending modes
– Levels
– Layers

For work, I took a photo of Natalie Portman, created a texture with cracks.
Let’s get started!

Open the photo.

Create a new layer. The background around the girl should be black. You can just cover it with a black brush.
This Background layer should always be the topmost one throughout the entire work.

Go back to the Photo layer and duplicate it.
Now, using Stamp and Treatment brush ,cover your mouth. (Clamping Alt, click on the place to be copied, and then blur it with a brush).
For the base, take the forehead, cheeks and other homogeneous places.
If you need to return something, add Layer mask and soft black brush, go to the right places.

Image – Correction – Hue \ Saturation. Reduce the saturation of the photo.

Image – Correction – Color Balance. Add more yellow and a little red

Duplicate the Photo layer (where the mouth is smeared). Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur

Add this layer Layer mask, fill it with black. Then use a soft white brush on the skin to make it blurry.

Make active the layer of smeared mouth.
Click on the icon Quick masks . With a brush with a hardness of 25% and a diameter like the iris of the eye, click on the irises. (The brush should be black, and in the Quick Mask mode it will be shown in red.)
Hint: to select the diameter of the brush, press the [and] keys, the size will increase and decrease.

Click the icon again. Quick masks, to get out of it. You get a selection.
Selection – Inversion.
Make the tool active Lasso . Right-click on the selection and select Copy to new layer.
You form a new layer of the Eye. Bring it over a layer of blurred skin.

Image – Correction – Discolor (for the Eyes layer)
Image – Correction – Levels. Make your eyes brighter by moving the gray slider to the left.

Image – Correction – Color Balance. Add blue and blue colors.

Add a Layer mask and erase extra plots, if any.
Now with the help Stamp and Curing brush Spread pupils and glare.

Filter – Gaussian Blur. Blur a little the iris. I set a radius of 0.5.
Slightly darken the edge of the iris using Dimmer (Exposure around 25, Medium tone range).

Temporarily set the Opacity of the Eye layer to 50%.
Create a new layer of glare.
White brush with Hardness 0%, put the glare where they were before the eyes.

Bring the Eyes layer back to Opacity 100%.
For the Glare layer add External glow.

Paste the texture with cracks.

Image – Correction – Levels. Pipette with a white tip, click on the place where there are no cracks to make it white. (The red dot on the picture indicates where I clicked).

Overlay mode put Multiplication.
Add a Layer mask and remove excess cracks (from the eyes and a little from the hair).

Now that you have an almost complete picture, if necessary, go back to any layers and correct them. Levels, Color Balance etc.
For example, I darkened the hair and slightly reduced their saturation, and also added a slightly yellowish tint to the eyes.

There are several variations of Silent Hill inscriptions. We make one of them, as in this picture

I used the font Technical.

Duplicate the Text layer.
Add a layer style – Shadow.

Add a layer style External glow

Return to the bottom text layer.
Filter – Blur – Motion Blur. (On the request for rasterization of the text, answer “Yes”).

Rasterize the text (copy) layer, merge with the previous layer. Highlight “Hill” and move higher.
The result is such layers

Well that’s all! Done!

Thank you for your attention, I will be very glad to see your work!
Lesson author: Potapova Irina

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