Making an artistic retouch of the portrait “INSOMNIA”

?Not so long ago, in the Blog, we published an interview with Max Twain – one of the coolest specialists in the field of Art retouching. Remember we promised you a lesson? Promised – execute!

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In his video, Max shows how he did artistic retouching and portrait processing. The information is so valuable that we advise you to immediately download the materials and the lesson yourself.

To download a video, right-click on the link and select “Save link as …”.

  • Download lesson (1.3 GB)
  • Alternative link to the lesson
  • Download the archive with materials for the lesson

When using your photo instead of the one suggested, consider an important point – the toning settings will be entirely individual. However, the color correction action (in materials) that Max uses is editable. This will help you lessons from the textbook:

  • Step-by-step method of replaying operations in Photoshop
  • Editing operations in Photoshop

In addition to the source materials, you will need two plugins to complete the lesson:

  • Nik color efex pro
  • Imagenomic Portraiture

Well, are you ready to comprehend the secret of alchemy of artistic retouching in the style of Max Twain? Then download the lesson, materials, install the missing plugins.

In the meantime, download, watch a short video:

Insomnia? – bonus from the main online course of Max Twain “PRO RETOUCHER. Fatalism start. If you want to study Art retouch and reach a new level, then you have the opportunity to get access to the course with 30% discount, which is valid from January 30 to February 1.

Go to the course presentation page.

Friends, leave all your questions and we will hold for you a joint live broadcast with Max.

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