Marafet for Halloween

At the Halloween party, makeup should be mystical, extreme and stunning. For example, the same as the heroine of this lesson:

So, in order for your skin to take on this wonderful blue color, you do not need to bathe in blue, you can simply use this Photoshop lesson!

1. Find a photo for torture.

2. Highlight her skin with a quick mask (or in another way you own)

3. Find a photo of the winter landscape and drag it to your document;

4. Change the layer blending mode to vivid-light (bright light);

5. Click CTRL + G;

6. Reduce transparency to the level you want.

7. Now you need to discolor the forest, for which you press CTRL + U and the middle slider, which is responsible for saturation, drag it all the way to the left.

8. Select the skin layer again.

9. Press CTRL + U and set these settings;

10. Duplicate the skin layer and set the blending mode to overlay (overlap);

11. Press CTRL + U again and apply these settings;

12. Go to menu Filter> Noise> Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add noise) set such settings so that small specks appear;

13. And now before you is a mysterious, mysterious, inhuman beauty!

14. Make her eyes devilishly red;)
Now, before such a special, no one will stand.

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