Meet the ghost in Photoshop

Today I am going to show you how to create a scene with a ghost using several steps. We will use several stock photos and change them so that they harmoniously combine. From time to time we will use the burn tool, masks and some Photoshop filters.


Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Let’s start with a photo of the room of an abandoned house.
This room looks scary even without any photo manipulations. Sometimes, the effect of the presence of some mysticism creates a place and setting, as in this case. Every piece of the room has something to tell, everything has its own story here. Just imagine how many very different and possibly unusual events could happen here in this bedroom …

Open the photo in Photoshop.

Step 2. To darken the room, duplicate layer (ctrl + J) and set duplicate blending mode Darkening basics (Color Burn) and opacity 30%.

Step 3. Now I do not like this “warm” atmosphere. Therefore i go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Black and White (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Black White) and play a little with flowers. Move the sliders to change the colors of the room.

Step 4. To add sharpness to the details of the room, click shift + alt + ctrl + E To merge the layers into one, duplicate this layer and apply a Color Contrast filter. Filter> Other> Color Contrast (Filter> Other> High pass).

After that set the layer blending mode Overlap (Overlay). Below you can see the difference between the room before and after applying the effect.

Step 5. You may notice that there is a light on the room image on the top left, where the window in front of the bed should be. I want to enhance the glow, for this I use a filter that allows you to create lighting effects and control them. As we did in the fourth step, merge all the layers. We go to Filter> Rendering> Lighting Effects (Filter> Render> Lighting Effects). Apply the same settings as in the image below:

Now click shift + ctrl + U, to discolor the image and set the layer blending mode Screen (Screen). Now the lighting effect looks perfect.

Step 6. It’s time to invite the first character of our scene, a scared child. After loading the image, select the child with the tool Pen (pen tool) and paste into our document. Click ctrl + t To change the size of the baby, place it on the bed.

Step 7. Light falls on the left of the screen, considering this, we create a shadow from the boy. Create a new layer and place it under the layer with the baby. Choose a large soft (hardness 0%) black brush and draw a shadow. If you use multiple layers with different opacities, the final result will look more realistic.

Step 8. To darken the boy and increase his contrast, choose a tool Blackout (Burn tool). Put an exposure of about 50% and draw on the child’s figure, especially pay attention to his left side (the side of the shadow).

The color of the child has become too saturated. Therefore, click ctrl + u and set the saturation to -35.

Step 10. To create a ghost, I used a photo of a girl (by Angi Nelson). Select a girl with the tool Pen (pen tool) and paste it into our document.

We go to Editing> Transformation> Flip Horizontal. Then we change the size of the child (ctrl + T), place the girl so that she is oriented towards the boy.

Add a layer mask and use a large soft black brush to gently remove the bottom of the baby.

To convey the idea of ​​a ghostly phenomenon, duplicate the layer with the girl by pressing ctrl + J. Next, go to Filter> Blur> Motion Blur, set the distance to approximately 80 pixels.

Then, using a mask, erase the effect on the head. So the head of the original layer will appear without blur.

Step 12. Adjust the saturation, as we did with the boy (ctrl + U).

Step 13. Create a new layer and set it overlay mode. Overlap (Overlay). Then choose a soft white brush and walk it over the girl, creating a glowing effect. Adjust the opacity of the layer if necessary.

Step 14. Select all the layers with the ghost and group them (ctrl + G). Then add layer mask to the group and erase some parts of the child. Then adjust the group opacity, about 80%. Here is what my ghost now looks like:

Step 15. To enhance the darkening on the right, I created a new group of layers on which I painted with a soft black brush.

Step 16. The time has come for the last adjustment layers. Let’s start with Resonance, go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Vibration (Layer> New Adjustment layer> Vibrance). Install the following settings:

Now use the Color Balance. Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Color Balance (Layers> New Adjustment Layers> Color balance) to change the colors of the scene. I played with the sliders to change the atmosphere from “normal” to “ghostly”, and the result was a room in blue cool shades.

And here is the result:

Step 17. The final touch: merge all the layers into one new (shift + alt + ctrl + E), set this layer overlay mode Darkening basics (Color Burn) and opacity 30%.
Everything! Collage is ready! If you have any problems or tips, leave comments.

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