Mermaid from the brunette

In this Photoshop tutorial you will see the unique transformation of a brunette girl into a mermaid.

Materials for the lesson:

Photos with a girl for a lesson can be downloaded from the archive

Duplicate the photo 1 or 2 times. Work on the copy layer, if something goes wrong, you will have the opportunity to come back and start again.

Stand on the top layer and go to the menu Filter >> Distort >> Diffuse Glow (Filter – Distortion – Ambient Light).
This action will give your photo a slight mythical effect.

We will continue to change the color of the photo. As you probably know, the mermaids face should be slightly watery (they are like drowned women!), And their hair is light greenish.
So click Ctrl + U To open the color / saturation window, apply the following settings:

It turns out like this:

Then take the clarifier. , the size 3px with soft edges.
Now very carefully handle the color (although it is already without color) part of the eye. But do not touch the black center and edges.

When you have finished working with the eyes, go to the lips. Also here, try not to touch the contour of the lips, only the middle. It should be as if her lips are covered with bright lipstick.

And now it turns out …

And now, quite a laborious part – you need to change the dark hair to blond. If you have a blonde in the photo, then you are very lucky!

Find a suitable photo, you can take the blonde from the archive.

How to cut the hair and move them hope you already know. All in your hands. Try to make it beautiful.
You can cut one piece and duplicate it several times, thereby increasing hair.

If the hair extensions still seem darkish, then edit the color using the window “brightness / contrast”

Now it’s time to give your hair a greenish tint. Naturally, they should not be too green!

Click Ctrl + U (we work with a hairy layer!) and apply such settings:

Here it is! Such your result should be ideally!

See you at www.!

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