Monochrome watercolor portrait

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

Hello everybody!

I decided to share my idea – how to draw a watercolor monochrome portrait in Photoshop. The idea caught somewhere in the Internet. And I wanted to try it myself and another!
First you need to choose a portrait with which you want to work. It is better if the photo is without a background, otherwise, the object should be cut in any convenient way for you.
I used this photo (by the way, I haven’t tried to process male portraits in this technique – you need to look).

Before starting work, I always make a copy of the main layer, since the ideal variant does not immediately turn out – and I advise you, just in case.

Increase the brightness and contrast of the photo Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast (Image – Adjustments – Brightness / Contrast). Depending on the contrast and color of your photo, play with these settings. This layer is called “Basis”.

We execute the command Image – Correction – Isohelium (Image – Adjustments – Threshold), set the appropriate values ​​for your photo and click OK.

Add a new layer, below the “Base” layer, and fill it with white. The size of the layer “Basis” is reduced by about 50% Free transformation (Edit – Free Transform), we need space for drawing.

Being on the layer “Basis”, execute the command Color range Selection – Color Range (Select – Color Range). Pipette click on the black color and set the maximum value. Blurry (Fuzziness) -200. Click OK – we get the selection.

Create a new layer and call “Basis1” on top of all layers. Fill the selection with the color you like. I used # 0f9091. Ctrl + D – remove selection.
Apply filter Gaussian blur (Filter – Gaussian Blur) with a blur value 0.5 pix. I want to say at once that this step is not suitable for all works. The quality of the original photo and the type of brush strokes you will use plays a role. Here we are talking about the strokes are not different from the portrait itself.

Further, the most interesting begins – work with brushes and an eraser. I used brushes for watercolor stains from the lesson on creating a watercolor effect (here – download brushes).

To work with brushes use the same color # 0f9091.
Tip: it is better to draw on different layers, in order to remove unnecessary daub, change transparency, etc. – i.e. easy to edit.

And we begin to create BEAUTY.
The form of strokes and their size at your discretion! To create such a portrait, use the flight of fancy.
At first, I removed too uniformly shaded areas using a tool. eraser (Eraser Tool).

Then began to make strokes brush (Brush Tool) on different layers, but in the same direction to preserve the credibility of the picture.

That’s what happened … hard, is not it?

We must work on! I decided to slightly enlarge the portrait on canvas. I selected the layers “Basis1” and all the layers with brush strokes and applied Free transformation (Edit – Free Transform).
Then eraser (Eraser Tool) removed all unnecessary and unnecessary.
Here is the result!

And these are examples of portraits created with the help of this technique.

Author: pirogovadesign

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