Mutated guitarist

In this Photoshop tutorial we will add a real brick texture to a regular wall. It does not matter whether there is anyone against it or not. The texture will get to the destination.

For this lesson you will need the “Bricks” brush, download it right here!

If you do not know how to install a brush in Photoshop, then look here.

We start the reconstruction of the wall.

Step 1:

Choose a photo in which you want to change the texture of the wall, it is desirable that the wall be a smooth and uniform color, then the effect will be much better and make it easier.

Keep in mind that if the wall on your photo is dark, then you will need to paint the bricks with a light color and vice versa.

Step 2:

Create a new layer (Click CTRL + SHIFT + N) and call it “Bricks”

Step 3:

Select the brush tool and find the brick one you just downloaded.

Choose a brush size so that the bricks look natural.

Now start gently slapping bricks on the image. Do not forget about the joints between the bricks, make a flat wall.

Do not be afraid to draw directly on the figure, because we do it on a separate layer. Then it all goes away.

We built the wall, it looks like this:

The man was accidentally bricked up. Now we will dig out:

Step 4:

Take the eraser .
Now you will need to work very carefully, as you face the task of removing bricks from a guitarist.
Pick an eraser size and patiently start deleting them.

By the way, if you don’t see a guitar player poorly, then reduce the transparency of the layer with bricks. Got better?

If finished, return the transparency to the previous level.

That’s what happens!

You can duplicate a layer with bricks, then they will look even more natural.

Step 5:

Merge all layers (click CTRL + SHIFT + E)

Next, click CTRL + B (color balance / color balance) and play with the settings, you can find an interesting color option.

And you can give a classic warm tone “Sepia”. Not sure how to do this? Look at here!

The work of Photoshop-master Vyacheslav Gulin:

See you at www.!

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