Mythic clash

I found a great action for Photoshop, created by Night Fate. In this tutorial, I will create a simple photo-collage with a mythical scene and apply this action at the end of the work to give it a complete look.

Download Night Fate Action here.

Download all the images here.

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Step 1 – Rock Formation
Create a new document of 750×550 px.
Open the source with the rock you downloaded. Cut it out and arrange both sides separately, as shown in the figure. Using the tool Eraser tool (Eraser), erase a little lower areas for both rocks.

Step 2a – Statue Formation
Open the source with the statue.
Change its size and position on the left side next to the rock. Duplicate the layer with the statue and go to the menu Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal). Place the duplicated statue on the right side.
Using the tool Eraser tool (Eraser), wipe off a few feet from both statues.

Step 2b – Formation of statues
Open the rock source again.
Cut out a portion of the cliff as shown in the image, and place it under the statue, covering its legs.
Using the tool Eraser tool (Eraser), erase a little rock base.

Step 2c – Forming Statues
Repeat step 2b with the statue on the right.
Use the cliff area shown in the image:

Step 3 – Adding a Waterfall
Open the image with a waterfall, resize it and place behind all other objects. Remove white clouds using Eraser tool (Eraser).

Step 4 – Color Correction
Create Adjustment layer (adjustment layer) Hue /Saturation (Hue / Saturation) above the waterfall layer. Set the value Hue (color tone) at 49 Saturation (Saturation) at 36 and Lightness on 0.
Then create Adjustment layer (adjustment layer) Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and set the value Brightness at 36 and Contrast (Contrast) on 10.
Finally, Adjustment layer (adjustment layer) Levels, set their values ​​to 20,1,255.

Step 5 – Adding Shadows
Using the tool Burn tool(Dimmer), draw the shadows on the sides of the statues and the cliffs under their feet.
Draw shadows only on those edges that are covered with rocks.

Step 6a – Adding Haze
Create a new layer above the waterfall layer and its adjustment layers. Call it Fog.
Using the tool Lasso Tool (Lasso), draw an irregular shape around the center of the document. Go to menu Select> Modify> Feather (Select> Modify> Feather). Install Radius at 20 and press ok.
Set the foreground color to white, and the rear color to black. Go to menu Filter> Render> Clouds (Filter> Render> Clouds).

Step 6b – Adding haze
Install Blend Mode (Blend Mode) for the fog layer on Screen (Lightening).
Duplicate this layer and rename the duplicate to Mild Fog. Place this duplicate between the statues layer and the rock layer.
Install Blend Mode (Blend Mode) for a layer of mild fog (soft haze) on Linear Dodge (Add) (Linear clarifier) and Opacity by 30%.

Step 7 – Adding Sky
Open the source with the sky, resize it and place under all layers.
I also added two boat rowers traveling along the center of the document towards the waterfall.
And now we are ready to enhance the mood for this work, the action from Night Fate’s PS Fate (PS Action 32) will help us in this.

Step 8 – Applying the Action
Go to menu Windows> Actions (Window> Operations). (You can also read about action in more detail here). Click the arrow on the right side of the operations pane. Select Load actions (Load operations) and open the action that was downloaded earlier. You will see that a new set with action has appeared in the panel (Set 32 ​​by night-fate). Open the folder and select 1. Click on the Play Selection button at the bottom of the panel and you are done!

Click here to view full size image.

Author: Johnson Koh

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