New month

Your attention is offered a very romantic Photoshop lesson.
There is a photo – everything would be fine, but for the sake of romance something is missing! Maybe decorate the night sky for a month?

The month will give your favorite photo the effect of mystery and fabulousness.

So, you opened the photo in photoshop:

1. The first thing to do is to find the real image of the month.
2. Select tool – rectangular selection. (Rectangular marquee tool) and highlight the image that you like best.

3. Copy month (Edit> Copy) and paste it on the photo (Edit> Paste). If the moon seems too big to you, then use the tool – free transformation (Ctrl + T) and adjust the size.

4. Take the move tool and place the month at the place where you want it to be.

5. And to get rid of the black square around the month – change the layer blending mode to Screen.

6 Then, to give the month a more realistic look, we reduced the opacity to 63% and saturation (Fill) to 90%, as well as erased with an eraser the top of the month so that it disappears behind the leaves.

There is water in our photo; accordingly, according to all natural laws, the month should be reflected there.

Copy the layer with the month and drag it into the water.
Go to the main menu Edit – Transform – Flip Vertical
On the reflection in water, make the transparency parameter even less.

Here is the result!

We wish you a wonderful evening!

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