New type of framing for photo

Your favorite photos can be inserted not only into frames. We offer you a new original Photoshop way to design photos.

Create a new document size 369 x 236 Next, select the tool Pen. We work in the mode of figures !

Set color – e5e5e5 and draw the same shape as shown below.

New type of framing for photo

Circle the top of the cube with the pen.
Color set f2f2f2

Next, duplicate the new layer.
Then go to menu Edit – Free Transform (Editing – Free Transformation) and reduce there both the length and width to 87%.

Right-click on the layer with a reduced shape – select Layer Options …(Blending Options …)

There select style Shadow (Drop Shadow)
Set the following settings:
mode: multiplication

That’s what you get.

Now, select the photo you want to place on the top of the box and place this layer on top of all.

We will use the image of the machine.

So, the picture in the layers palette is active – it means we go to the menu “Layer“(Layer) and select the command there”Create clipping mask“(Create Clipping Mask)

Now click Ctrl + T, to transform the image freely.

Holding the “Ctrl” key, you can cling to each node separately and place the image as you need.

That’s what comes out of you.

We go in the window of styles. Add some inner shadow.


Here is what you have at the moment:

Using the tool Pen Draw the right side of the cube.
Colour – f2f2f2.

Then reduce the parameters as previously done.

Right-click on the reduced layer and go to the “Layer Properties” window (Blending Options …). Choose a style – Drop Shadow.



Find the second image. Place it on top of all layers in the palette.

Add a clipping mask as previously.

Again using Ctrl + T adjust the image size.

Add an inner shadow:


Do the same with the last side of the cube.

Outline the side with – Colour f2f2f2
Reduce, add shadow. The shadow is always different!

Do you also?

Find another picture and place it on top of all layers in the palette again.

Add a clipping mask (Create Clipping Mask).

And again adjust the size of the picture.

Add an inner shadow:


So it should be now:

Next, select the tool Line and draw white lines the size of 1 px along the edges of the cube. Select these three layers with lines and merge them into one. Layer – Merge Layers (Layer – Merge Layers).

Go to menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) with the following settings:

You should also have:

And here is the result:

As you can see, a little reflection is added here.

See you at www.!

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