Night Warrior in Photoshop

In this lesson we will create an image of a warrior standing in the dark, around which destroyed objects fly.

Final result:

Lesson resources:

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop (Ctrl + N) with a size of 1400×740 pixels with a black background. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N) and use a large soft brush to draw a white spot in the center of the canvas.

Choose a tool Eraser (Eraser Tool) (E) and select one of the brushes of the clouds / explosion.

Erase the central part of the white spot.

Tool Free transform (Ctrl + T) change the size and shape of the resulting cloud effect.

Additionally, you can finish the particles using special brushes.

Step 2

Now we will create the earth’s surface. Open the photo of the forest in Photoshop and tool Fast selection (Quick Selection Tool) (W) Select a piece of land.

Tool Move (Move Tool) (V) transfer the ground to the main document, change its size and position it at the bottom of the canvas. Eraser erase some areas to create a kind of lighting of the earth.

For a layer of earth, create several adjustment layers with clipping masks:

Black and white (Black White):

Levels (Levels):

Curves (Curves):


Step 3

Open the warrior’s photo and extract it into our document.

Add a mask and choose a soft brush with 40% opacity and pressure. Immerse your feet in darkness so that the warrior can better connect to the ground.

Apply filter to warrior Contour sharpness (Filter – Sharpening – Contour Sharpness) (Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp Mask):

Create the following adjustment layers for the warrior:

Black and white (Black White):

Paint the mask of this layer in black, as shown in the screenshot.

Levels (Levels):

Curves (Curves):

Create a new layer on top of the rest and set it Blend mode on Overlap (Overlay). Draw a white spot over the ax to highlight it.


Step 4

Open the image of the flame and select a small area.

Transfer it to our document and put it on your hand. Install Blend mode on Overlap (Overlay).

Repeat this action a few more times to create a fiery texture on the back.

Keep adding flames to create fire bursts. For each layer, set the blending mode to Lightening (Screen): This will help hide the black background.

Select a 1-pixel brush and draw lines in gold. Use an eraser to make them less bright.

Step 5

Now we add a soaring piece of rock. Open a photo of the mountain and select its part, as shown in the screenshot.

Transfer the selected area to our document, resize, rotate it and position on the left above.

Soft eraser erase the edges to get a triangular shape.

Choose a tool Dimmer (Burn Tool) (O): Exposure – 50%. Darken the bottom of the cliff.

Create a copy of the rock, reduce it and place it in another place.

Step 6

Use a small brush to paint the particles in gold / red color on a separate layer.

Go to menu Filter – Plastic (Filter – Liquify) and change the shape of the particles.

Particles are no longer points and look more like short lines.

Step 7

Merge all layers (Layer – Flatten Image) (Layer – Flatten Image). Create a copy of the resulting layer (Ctrl + J) and apply a filter Radial blur (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur) (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur).

Add a mask to the blurred layer and black brush, remove it from the following areas:

Now we will improve the flame a little. Choose a tool Finger (Smudge Tool).

Configure it like this:

Spread the flame as shown in the screenshot.

Final result:

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