No freckles!

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to easily remove freckles from your face.

1. Open a photo of any person with not very dark freckles. I took a photo of Lindsay Lohan (File – Open or Ctrl +O)

2. Change the color mode of the image to CMYK (Image – Mode –SMYk).

3. On the layers panel, select the channels tab and leave only the Yellow channel visible (with the eye). Only the Yellow channel should be selected on the layer panel. Should get the following.

4. Select the entire photo (Selection – All or Ctrl + A) and copy it (Editing – Copy or Ctrl + C). Insert the same copied later.

5. Now it’s time to return to the RGB color mode and to do this, click with the mouse on the photo itself in the tab of the History panel (This panel appears through Window – History).

6. Push Editing – Paste or Ctrl +V. After that you should add a new layer with a black and white photo.

7. Invert the resulting black and white layer (Ctrl +I).

8. Change the layer to overlap, and set the transparency to approximately 45%, depending on your particular photo. That’s almost all …

9. Apply this effect only to exposed parts of the face and body. To do this, add a layer mask, then use the Paint Bucket tool to fill in the black layer with a black color. To do this, click on the photo. If done correctly, then in front of a black and white photo should get a black rectangle.

10. Choose as the main color – white, medium-soft brush and paint over the newly appeared freckles, while not touching the hair and dress. At the same time, the layer mask should be activated (there should be a white frame around the black rectangle). We start processing and unwanted freckles disappear before your eyes.

Here is the final version!

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