Old Movie Poster – Scartlett

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make a stylized Scarlett movie poster.

Find the image of the actress.

Create a new document and fill it with brown. Place a portrait of the heroine on the left side of the document.

Remove the background from the right side of the actress.

Duplicate the layer and scale it up using Ctrl + T. Move this layer below.

Create a poster effect drawn by hand.
Standing on a layer with a “big head” go to the menu Filter – Sketch – Photocopy (Filter >> Sketch >> Photocopy). Apply the parameters as shown below.

Blend mode for this layer change to Soft light (Soft Light).

Using a soft eraser, blend sharp edges on a color image.

Paint layer change blending mode to Glow (Luminosity).

3. Apply texture to give a vintage look.

Press on Q to switch to quick mask mode.
From the Filter menu, select Design – Mezzo-Tinto (Pixelate >> Mezzotint). Set the type: Medium touches.

Press Q again to return to normal mode – a selection will appear.

Create a new layer, press Shift + Ctrl + I (invert the selection) and fill the selection with white. Deselect (Ctrl + D)

Change blend mode to speckled layer to Overlap (Overlay) transparency 40%.

Click Shift + Ctrl + E (merge all layers).
Take the tool and darken some areas in random order.

Duplicate the layer and change the mode to Hard light (hard light).

In the same way (using a mask) we apply a filter to the image. Noise – Add Noise (Noise).

With a speckled layer, change the mode to Overlap (Overlay).

Drain layers again.

Press Q again and apply the Mezzo-Tinto filter, but with different settings. Large points.

Create a new layer and fill the speckles with black (do not forget to invert the selection). Change the mode to Soft light (Soft Light)

Merge the layers. Via Create a broken line along the perimeter of the image.

Click Ctrl + J to copy the selection to a new layer.

Change the blending mode to Lightening – “Screen”. You can slightly reduce the transparency. Apply Shadow style.

4. Reduce saturation to give a faded appearance.

Press Ctrl + U. In the color / saturation window, make these settings.

Another example:

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