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Try this Photoshop way of turning ordinary photos into classic vintage ones. This effect is suitable for any photo, especially it looks good on wedding photos.

So let’s get started. Open your photo in Photoshop. Here is a photo with which I worked in this lesson.

Duplicate the photo and immediately hide the duplicate (close the eye near the layer). Go to the “original” layer, click on the button (add adjustment layer) and select there Channel mixer (Channel Blending), and make the same settings. Do not forget to tick Monochome (Monochrome) at the bottom of the window. OK

Open the eye at the duplicated layer and activate it. Change layer blending mode to Soft light (Soft light)

Next you will need to add a filter “Gaussian blur
Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur – Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur.

Here you need to choose the setting yourself to achieve about the same blur as in the image:

This is how the photo was transformed.

It already looks interesting, you can leave it this way, but for a more vintage effect, I suggest we slightly darken the edges of the photo.

Add a new layer .
Now you need to fill this layer with black.

Go to menu Edit / Fill (Edit – Fill) and select Black color there. Another way to do the same is to use a fill.

Now select the tool

Set the parameter in the settings of this tool Feather (Feather) meaning 50 px and draw a selection.

Then draw a rectangular selection, try to make it the same from all edges. After you release the mouse, the selection will take the following form.

You just have to press the key Delete , and then on Ctrl + D to deselect.

You can add another Photo Filter adjustment layer, for example, Sepia colors. The photo will appear slightly brown.

Such is the lesson!

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