Old photograph

Old photograph

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this lesson, you will learn step by step how to create a vintage effect for your photo using simple tools, filters, levels and layer styles.

Here is a photo before the changes


Open the original image
Filter – Blur – Blur on the surface (Filter> Blur> Surface Blur.)
Image – Correction – Gradient Map (Image> Adjustments> Gradient Map)

Image – Correction – Levels (Image> Adjustments> Levels)

Image – Correction – Curves (Image> Adjustments> Curves)

Image – Correction – Photo Filter (Image> Adjustments> Photo Filter)

Find the center of the composition and create a circular selection using the tool. Oval area (Elliptical Marquee Tool).
Allotment – Modification – Feather (80-100) (Select> Modify Feature Selection)

Selection – Inversion (Select> Inverse)
Filter – Blur – Blur at shallow depth of field (Filter> Blur> Lens Blur)

Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter> Noise> Add Noise)

Duplicate the background
Add a Grain Filter (Filter – Filter Gallery – Texture – Grain)

Change blending mode to Overlap (Overlay) and Opacity by 50%.

Find any scratched texture. The author used this one.

Image – Correction – Levels
Move the middle slider a little to the right.

Change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light) and Opacity at 80%

Drain both layers.
Add a layer style – Inner Glow for the created layer.

Place two layers of old paper textures under all layers.
Dark paper should be below all

Add Vector mask to layer photos and light paper.
Create ragged edges using a round brush in the Vector mask.
Add a layer style – Shadow for a layer of light paper.

And here is the result!

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