Old Venice

In this lesson you will learn how to give your photos the effect of antiquity. As always, start by opening a new document, fill the background with a deep color. (800x600px).

Add some noise (EffectsNoiseAddNoise/ Filter – Noise – Add noise), about 3-4%

Soften the effect so that the noise decreases slightly (CtrlShiftF).

Use the tool Sponge . Settings at your discretion. Use Let loose (Ctrl-Shift-F) to make the run a little weaker and let the noise get a little out.

I found this old paper texture in the image collection; by the way, you can scan old paper if you have it. Insert an image into your document. Then discolor it. (CtrlShiftU).

Set the mode to Overlap, set the required opacity (I set about 30-40%). Now our paper with the effect of antiquity is ready. Let’s insert our photo there.

Here is the original that I took on my trip to Venice. Insert it into our work.

And then just change the blending mode to Overlap. Everything!!!

If you want to darken your image, duplicate the photo layer and change its mode to Multiplication and set the opacity to 40-60%.

Author: Vlad Gerasimov

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