Photo in drawing

In this lesson, Photoshop presents an interesting technique of turning ordinary photos into color drawing, as if the artist had just sketched it.

So, you have already opened your photo in photoshop:

1. Duplicate the photo layer (Layer> Duplicate Layer).

2. With the new layer selected, turn the photo into a black and white graphic:

a) First we discolor the drawing (Image> Adjustments> Desaturate)
b) Then select the lines (Filter> Stylize> Find Edges)
c) If necessary, work with levels
(Image> Adjustments> Levels)

3. Duplicate the parent image again (select the bottom layer and apply to Layer> Duplicate Layer)

4. Then click on the new layer and drag it to the very top.

5. In the upper layer, change the blending mode (blending mode) on Hard light. Set transparency (opacity) approximately 75%

See what happened!

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