Photo manipulation

We will use only high-quality high-resolution photos, brushes and our imagination combined with the capabilities of Photoshop. So, let’s begin!

The final

To create this lesson, we took the following images:

Step 1. Open Forest from PandoraLore-Stock. Double-click on the layer to open it, now we can do the following: rename the layer to “forest” and save the file as “MotherNature.psd.”

Step 2. Import the Model into our image. Create a layer mask and make sure that one girl is visible against the background of the forest. You can use the pen Pen Tool (P), magic wand Magic Wand Tool (W), Quick selection tool Quick Selection Tool (W),Magnetic Lasso Magnetic Lasso (L) or even a simple soft black brush.
Just paint over the background layer, not paint over the model, and the background will disappear. Click Command + T to display the Transform command. Place the girl on the image as shown below. Name the layer “girl.”

Step 3. Take the Blur tool Smudge Tool (R). Choose a small soft brush of about 10-20px with a pressure of 10-15%, then slightly blur the hands and face of the model. Change the size of the brush depending on the size of the processed parts such as fingers, eyelids. Now the skin looks smoother and cleaner.

Step 4. In this step, we will draw a model of fabulous hair. Paint in black on the layer mask to hide the original hair. Create a new layer above the “girl” layer and take the Brush. Brush Tool (B).
You will need brushes Painted Hair. With a black layer, click on the layer 2-3 times to create the first strand of hair.

Click Command + T and stack them as you like. You can turn on Transform again. Now select Editing > Transform > Distortion (Edit> Transform> Warp). In this way you have more opportunities to make your hair more beautiful. You can simplify your drawing conditions (for example, I put a gray background in order to better see the hair)

Step 5. Duplicate the “Hair” layer (Command + J), press Command + T and position the new layer so that it looks something like this.

Step 6. If we use only black color for hair, it will be boring for our image. I decided to use another color. Set color #9ac33e, as the background color and draw the next strand of hair on the new layer on top of the two already existing “hair” layers.

Erase the hair that falls on the model’s face. Interfere with these colors to make hair look more natural. Now use Transform and Distortion optional.

Step 7. So, we started well, but there is still a lot of work with the hair. You need credibility. Select all three layers and merge them (Command + E). Click Command + J on the “Hair” layer to duplicate it. Move your hair to make our hairstyle look better.

Step 8. Create a new layer above the “hair” layers and draw some black hair down the girl’s left shoulder. Add some green hair as in the previous step. Follow the example below.

Step 9. After completing the drawing, we merge everything into one layer (Command + E). The final version should look like this.

Step 10. Import the image Fantasy-headwear. Remove everything except for the crown, then drag it into our work, on top of all existing layers. Change the size of the crown so that it fits well with the girl on her head.

Click Command + T to enter Transform mode. Create layer mask for the crown and select a small, soft brush. Color black the inside of the crown so that we can see the face of our model.

Step 11. Finishing work with the crown, add some pebbles for decoration. Use the oval area tool Elliptical Marquee Tool and stroke in dark gray (1px). Fill the inside of the ellipse with red. #c52418. To give our decorations a finished look, let’s take the Dimmer tool.Burn Tool (O). Make a couple of highlights with the Clarifier. Dodge Tool (O).

Use these tools with an exposure of about 10%. The image below will show you how to create stones. Place the finished stone in the center of the crown and duplicate it 4-5 times with Command + J as shown.

Step 12. Merge all the stones into a single “jewel” layer (Command + E). I think the crown will look more beautiful if the stones are of different colors. To do this, work with Color tone / Saturation.

It is better to go from dark to light, but this is for your taste. Now click on the layer mask and fill it with black. Use a small, soft, white brush to draw a stone that will be of a different color. Repeat this again with the new Adjustment Layer and another color.

Step 13. OK, now it’s time to add animals around our mother nature, what kind of mother is she then. Let’s start with the bird that will sit on her right arm.

Import the Bird image. Cut it out of the image and place it in our work, on the girl’s right hand. Use Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontally) so that she sits with her beak towards the girl. Give it the right size.

Step 14. Since this is an image from a fantasy series, then our bird should look magical. We will do this with the Blur tool. Smudge Tool (R). Take a brush spray, size 10-20px. Blur the bird with an intensity of 10-20%. When everything is ready, increase the intensity to 80% and blur the tail, wings and beak. The bird will end up as painted.

Step 15. OK, let’s add some shine to our girlfriend. I think her green is perfect. Take a small, soft brush . Choose a color # 577615 and paint your lips on a new layer. Set the color mode and reduce the opacity to 60%.

Step 16. It would be necessary to add more shadows forever for completeness. As in the previous step, paint in green on a new layer. Now select a light yellow and an opacity of 20% gently draw a hue on the eyes. Set the Chroma mode and lower the opacity if necessary.

Step 17. In this step we will finish working with the face. We will add a few baud eyebrows diamonds. Create a new layer above the “makeup” (“lipstick,” “eyelids”) layers. Take a soft, small brush (6px) and dark gray (# 343434).

Go along the contour of the eyebrows and draw 6-7 points. Make the brush size smaller than 3px and choose a very light green color (#e0eebf). New color make highlights at each point.

Step 18. OK now add some butterflies. Create a new blank layer and select a brush. Brush Tool (B). Open the image of Butterflies Brushes and Butterfly Brushes.

Arrange around 8 butterflies around our girl. Change with their colors .. Let them be on the dress, foot, arms, hair.

Step nineteen. Import Greencheek in flight. Take a feather Pen Tool (P) or any other selection tool to cut the bird from the image. Turn on Transform Mode Transform Mode (Command + T) and give the bird the desired position. Reduce to fit. The bird should look like it will land on the hand of a girl in a few seconds.

Step 20. At this stage, we will continue to work with the settings of our soaring bird. Create a new empty layer on top of the “bird” layer. Select Edit> Fill (Edit> Run Fill), Under the content, put Gray 50%. Press Command + Alt + G to create a new clipping mask. Put the mode Soft light. Take a soft small brush 10px with a pressure of 10-20%.

Now you have the opportunity to draw shadows or light areas, depending on what color you use, white or black. You can get the same results using Dimmer or Clarifier (Dodge / Burn Tool (O)), but in the way that I suggested to you, you will work without spoiling anything. This means that you do not need to work only on the “bird” layer, which is very useful!

Create a new one Hue / Saturation adjustment layer at the top and reduce the Saturation to -27. Press Command + Alt + G to create a clipping mask from our adjustment layer.

Step 21 We are almost at the goal. Select a layer with a girl and create a layer mask if you have not already done so. Select a layer and paint over the leg and part of the skirt so that it is removed. Just take a brush and make sure you choose black. Look at the following image.

Step 22 Create a new blank layer on top of the model layer. Take tool Stamp Clone Stamp Tool (S). Try to clone parts of the skirt so that the skirt seems to hang down. Look at the following image to get an idea of ​​what to do. Try to avoid sharp edges as in the first image. Just walk around the edges with a soft eraser with a diameter of 35%.

Step 23 Now we select colors for compatibility. Create a new empty layer on top of the “forest” (background) layer and fill it with 50% gray. Put the Soft Light Mode. Take soft brush black and lower the opacity to 30-40%. Start drawing on the gray layer to darken the light areas.

Step 24 On top of that, you can give the whole image one shade. Or you can use Curves to darken the entire image. It depends on your own taste. You can put your signature.
In the image below, I used Curves, to darken the whole image. On the new layer, I used many shades of green on top of the bottom left so that the ground in this place seemed greenish rather than brownish. You can set the color or soft color mode. At the end I signed my name.

Conclusion Our journey is over. I hope you enjoyed this lesson the way I like it. And most importantly, I hope you learned a lot from this lesson.

By Jurgen Heiss

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