Photo to graphics

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to turn a photo into a graphic. You will also learn how to make a black and white sketch, but with inverted colors.

So, we continue if you have already opened a photo in photoshop. We will work with a photo climber.

1. In the menu Image select Adjustments> Desaturate.
The picture will turn black and white. So?

2. Now in the menu Filter select Stylize> Find Edges.
You should have something like this:

The result was too bright, you should add black.

3. In the menu Layer go to New Adjustment Layer> Levels, to add a black image. Play with the sliders Input levels (move the black slider to the right)

This is what we get as a result.

And if you want to get a picture with inverted colors, then read on.

4. Duplicate the pattern layer (Layer> Duplicate Layer).
And then change the layer blending mode to Exclusion.
Look at the layers palette, do you also?

That result, too, turned out interesting!

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