Photomanipulation with water spray

Some time ago, the author of the lesson saw something really interesting on the net, the work done by Nik Ainley, but the lesson was too small. Before you more detailed instructions for those who dream of using this amazing technique.

Step 1. First of all you need an image. The author found his There are tons of free images here, so look for it. Some of them can be found here. The author also bought one in istock.

Step 2. Next you need to separate the young man from the background. Use the pen tool to do this by drawing a path around the guy. Do not worry about the hair, because we do not need them, as well as hands and shoes.

Step 3. Now that the shape is circled, click Ctrl + Enter and it will make the selection of a young man.

Open the new document. This will be the final file. Fill it with black. After opening a new document, move the selected guy to a new document by dragging it to the workspace. It should look like this.

Step 4. Now I want to make a nice background, because I want to finish with light things, before we start. The author used the texture and applied a gradient. Used textures can be taken for free from the previously mentioned site.

Step 5. It’s time to create a water effect. First you need to find images of water spray. There are a lot of them. I recommend you to look at these pictures, they are very clear and the splashes on them are very beautiful. In addition, you need to find a lot of such images. The author found those used in the lesson, on free drains, such as or

Step 6. Cut out the part of the image that you do not need.

Step 7. Go to the image channels and select the channel that you think has the greatest contrast between the splashes and the background. Then duplicate the channel, make it visible and make the Blue channel invisible by clicking on the eye icon.

Step 8. Now go to Image> Adjustments> Curves (Image> Correction> Curves). In this case, we do not need to change anything, but there are many images where the contrast between the water and the background is not so noticeable.

Step 9. Ctrl + click on the newly duplicated channel. This will create a selection around the spray.

Step 10. Now select the RGB channel by clicking on its icon and go to the layers palette. Click Ctrl + J, to copy the selection to a new layer. After that, drag a copy of the spray onto your workspace.

Step 11. You can see that the water is clear. I use it on my right hand. You need to resize so that the water looks good on it.

Step 12. You may notice that the spray does not look very good and need some retouching. First we put a layer with splashes behind the layer with a guy, activate the layer mask and paint over those parts of the water that we don’t need.

Step 13. It looks really great … I know. But I want to make it a little more. Or longer. To do this, duplicate the spray layer twice and erase the part where the water is separated. That is what I mean.

Step 14. Now you can merge the layers and try to remove the blue color of the water. To do this, play with the Color Balance settings until the water looks white. Something like that.

Step 15. Now make another hand. Same technique and same steps as previously used. You can take the same image of the spray, but the author would like to use another one where the spray is shorter. That’s how the author did the second hand.

Step 16. It’s time to make the bottom of the boy. This time we use an image with a lot of splashes. Also do not use only one image. Use a few. And again the same technique.

In addition, you need to move these spray images on top of the guy layer. They will not be above the shirt because you will carefully wipe them off to get something like this:

Step 17. Now legs. Use the same technique again. I will show you the images after each change. First left foot.


Step 18. Now the right leg. Use the same image as your left foot.

Step 19. The next thing we do is the head. Remember, the author used only pictures of water, no 3D effects, and so on. The head is just an image of a ball punched by a dart.

Step 20. Congratulations! You managed to make this effect. Here is a bonus that will improve this work. Try to apply a bit of retouching and a little more splashing to the effect, and we are done.

Author: tutzor

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