Photoshop face peeling

Do you want to ogle your face? Let’s try!

Open your photo in photoshop.

Copy layer with photo ( layer – duplicate layer / layer – duplicate layer)

With the active duplicated layer, go to the Filter menu.
(filter – blur – Gaussian blur / filter – blur – blur according to Gauss)

The face should be pretty blurry. Do not worry, in the following steps we will return the normal view of the image.

And if suddenly you did not have enough blur, then you can add it at any time.

Here is an example that you need to navigate.

Set transparency (opacity) layer on 50%.

Transparency can range from thirty% before 60%
It depends on how soft the image you want to get.

Now, as you can see, the skin began to look softer, but with it the eyes, the mouth and other parts of the face have become clouded.

To return them clarity, we need:

Add a layer mask by clicking on the mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette.

Next, take a small soft brush, in addition, set the transparency of the brush to 50 % and color those parts that need to be highlighted – these are eyes, lips, hair, nose.

And now a little brighten face.
For what we have to work with the curves.

Go to the Image menu (image – adjust – Curves / Image – Correction – Curves)

Carefully lift the curve upwards. Stop when you like the result yourself.

It is interesting to look at your result!

You have almost the same?

See you at www.!

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