Photoshop fulfills dreams

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how you can transfer yourself to the magnificent country of Italy in just a couple of minutes.

We will work with these two photos.
You can take them, and you can find photos with the place where you would like to go and, of course, a photo of yourself.

First, cut yourself off from the old photo.
When the selection is ready, press “Shift” + “Ctrl” + “I” to invert the selection. Click “Delete” and deselect.

Now move the person to the new photo. If it is too large, then reduce the size with a free transformation.

If you want a person to look the other way, you can flip it horizontally (Edit – Free Transform – Flip Horizontal)

After go to menu Image – Adjustments – Shadow / Highlight (Image – Correction – Light / Shadows) and apply the same settings:

Here is the result !!!

Examples to follow:

You and Bentley

You are on the red carpet in the midst of Hollywood stars.

And so on … Anything you wish!

In Photoshop, dreams come true!

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