Photoshop graphics

This Photoshop tutorial will show you another way to turn color photos into graphic art.

Here are some simple steps.
Open your photo (preferably good quality).

With the main layer active, go to the Filter menu and apply Blur – Smart Blur (“Smart” blur).

In the dialog box that appears, select the mode: only edges.
Then play with the Radius / Threshold sliders.

You will get the same result.

If you like what you got, you can stop here. White on black – it looks interesting.

And we go on and click Ctrl + I, to invert colors into more familiar ones.

As a result:

This option also looks great.
But we still continue.
Add a filter Artistic – Cutout (Imitation – Application)

In the settings you can adjust the line thickness.

Here’s what we got as a result:

Other examples:

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