Photoshop tan

Changing the skin color in Photoshop is a very simple task.

Take your photo in a bathing suit, I can argue with you that the color of your skin on 99.99% white. So try to turn yourself into a Negro or a swarthy Indian!

Step 1

So, have you found the photo and opened it in Photoshop?
In this lesson, the girl will turn into an Indian.

Step 2

If you have problems with the selection of the body, you can simply create a new layer, take a brush and paint over everything that looks like skin in any color.

Step 3

CTRL + click on the red skin layer to select it. Go to the layer with the original photo. Click CTRL + C and CTRL + V and remove the red skin layer;
Next, click CTRL + U On the copy layer and set the same settings;

Step 4

Now highlight the lips and apply these settings:

Step 5

What is the Indian and without a point on his forehead! Draw with a round small brush …

Look now how she has changed!

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