Pop-art style photo

This Photoshop lesson will introduce you to a very well-known art movement as Pop Art.

Next to pop art is the name of Andy Warhol, who was both an artist, a photographer, a film director, and a publisher.

It was he who in the middle of the 20th century created unique collage paintings from completely unexpected things – from images of cans to such glamorous collages with Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

This style became incredibly popular at that time, thanks to which an infinite number of imitations of the work of this artist began to appear.

Because creating pictures in the style of Pop Art is very simple, especially if you own Photoshop.

The technique we want to tell you about is that first a black and white stencil is made based on the original image. And then parts of this picture are painted in very bright colors in different variations.

Any portrait can be turned into a pop art drawing, but especially for this photo with clear boundaries.

It is desirable that the person in the photo looked directly into the camera lens.

1. Below is the process of cutting a boy from his native background and placing it on a new one. For us it is important that the boy and the background were placed on different layers.

To quickly remove a solid background use the tool – magic wand , if the background is multicolored, then take the tool – Feather

2. Most likely you have already noticed that the images in the style of pop art are famous for very high contrast.

The following steps will remove a lot of small details, so you shouldn’t be too careful as you go.

Place a bright background layer right under the working layer (with the boy).

3. To make a high-contrast image, first make sure that you are on the layer with the cut out boy and select in the menu Image> Adjustment> Threshold.

Move the slider so that the image contains enough shadows to keep all the main shapes and features.

4. Roughly select each part of the image that you will paint later.

Press down Alt + Ctrl + J To copy each part on a separate layer. Name each new layer. Change the blend mode for each layer to Multiply, and click OK.

5. In turn, activate each layer in the layers palette.
For each press Ctrl + click on the layer window and go to the menu Edit> Fill.

Click on the line Use, there will be a window where you can select a line Color. Due to this, a palette of colors will appear where you can choose a bright saturated color to your taste to paint over some part of the image.

6. In the Layer Styles window (Layer style, appears when double clicking on the layer) select style Color overlay (fill color) and swap there blending mode (layer blending mode) on Color. Choose a bright color and click OK.

7. When you repeat these steps for each individual section of the image, you will see that this is a real masterpiece in the style of pop art.

8. Save this file in Photoshop format (.psd) and make copies of the layers where you made the coloring. In your layers panel, each section is painted in a certain color. Now it is very easy to replace the color of the area using the function Hue / Saturation (Ctrl + U).

In the end, you can combine all the options into one large image.

Such a combination of different variants of the same image is very characteristic of the style of the 60s Pop Art.

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