Portrait correction

This Photoshop tutorial will help you to understand such a delicate and confusing matter as the processing of portrait shots.

Fine! Below you see the image with which we have to work. This is a high resolution photo.

This lesson is suitable for versions of Photoshop CS and above.

We now need to remove unwanted colors from the photo, in this case it is a light greenish on the skin of the girl (on the forehead and shoulder)
Take the tool (polygonal lasso)

Click and circle the places you want to fix.

If you want to make a few selections, then hold down Shift and select another plot.

Then, right-click, select Feather (Feathering). Set value = 50 px (this parameter depends on the quality of your photo)

Thanks to feathering the transition will be smooth, and the human eye will not be able to catch the boundary of change.

Go to menu Image – Adjustments – Color Balance (Image – Adjustment – Color balance), now reduce the green color in the photo by lowering the color value Magenta (Red).


Next, we will try to make the face of the model more contrast.
And again the tool will help us in this. Select the parts for adjustment, in this case – the face.

Go to Image – Adjustments – Brightness / Contrast (Image – Adjustment – Brightness / Contrast)

Set the settings as you like.

Now we need to brighten the model’s hair, as they completely merged with the black background.

Click Ctrl + L, to open the Levels window.
Select a section with hair.
And move the middle or right white triangle to make this area brighter.

Then select the tool (cloning) to clean up the skin of the model.

(Yes, yes, no one is perfect).

Pinch Alt click in the location next to the mole, release. Then click on the mole itself. The cloned area will take its place. If the edges are clear, take the tool. , to slightly blur the edges.

Then click ctrl + u (color / saturation window)
Saturation value decrease to -100.

And the final touch: choose from the menu Filter – Sharpen / Sharpen (Filter – Sharpness).

You can add a thin frame and here it is a “miracle”!

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