Portrait in soft blue colors

Step 1. The portrait is taken on the sxc.hu website.
Here is the original image and the final result of its processing.

Step 2. Duplicate image Layer> Duplicatelayer (Layer – Create a duplicate layer). Got a layer – Background copy.

Step 3. We need to add a little bit of contrast. Layer> Newadjustmentlayer> Brightness / contrast (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Brightness / Contrast).

Step 4. Each time creating a new adjustment layer, press (V) – use the previous layer to create a clipping mask (or right-click on the layer with Brightness / Contrast in the layers palette and “create clipping mask”). The next time we change colors or levels, we will always create a new clipping mask.

So i set +20 and in brightness, and in contrast, But keep in mind that, of course, it all depends on your photo, so put on such brightness and contrast as you see fit.

Step 5. Having set the contrast and brightness you need, combine the duplicate with a clipping mask (right-click on the duplicate and select “combine clipping masks”).

Step 6. Soft brush with low opacity soften a little skin. You can create a new layer so that if you just remove the unnecessary Eraser , and don’t have to start all over again. Layer> New (Layer> New Layer).

Step 7. Now we change the color. Layer> Newadjustmentlayer> Colorbalance (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Color Balance). Do not forget to create a clipping mask.

Step 8. Change the color balance in magenta and cyan until you get the desired blueness (-100; 0; +50).

Step 9. Combine Clipping Masks

Step 10. Create a copy of the Background copy layer. Layer> Duplicate layer (Layer> Create a duplicate layer). The resulting layer is Background copy2. Set the colors in the tool palette to white and pale blue. You can use the tool “Pipette”, to pick colors. Make sure that the pale blue color is worth the background, not the main one. If necessary, use the small arrow to swap colors.

Then apply Filter> Distort> Diffuseglow (Filter> Distortion> Distributed Glow).

Step 11. Play the settings, the image should not be soft, but not too bright (settings from top to bottom: 3; 6; 17).

Step 12. Layer> Newadjustmentlayer> levels (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels). Do not forget to create a clipping mask.

Step 13. Make the portrait a little darker by playing with the settings (43; 1; 255).

Step 14. Combine clipping masks.

Step 15. For the third time make a duplicate layer. Layer> duplicate. Then, Filter> Artistic> Poster edges (Filter> Imitation> Contoured edges).

Step 16. Make the outlined edges softer by experimenting with the settings (Settings from top to bottom: 2; 0; 5).

Step 17. Using the tool Eraser , walk in the background of the last layer so that the background is soft and blurry, and the girl becomes clearer.

Step 18. Combine the top two layers – hold Ctrl highlight, then the right mouse button, Merge layers (Merge layers).

Step 19. Filter> Distort> Diffuseglow(Filter> Distortion> Distracted Glow).

Step 20. Make the image not very bright and soft (settings from top to bottom: 4, 2, 18).

Step 21 With a soft tassel, I made the background a little lighter.
Then the last color change. Layer> Newadjustmentlayer> Colorbalance(Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Color Balance). Do not forget to put a tick in the window to create a clipping mask.

Step 22 Last change blue (+25) and magenta (-25) colors.

Done !!!

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