Quick change of scenery

Hello everyone who is obsessed with Photoshop! In this lesson we will learn to change the background color in a photo.

The effect will look great if the photo is taken indoors, and the background is more or less even and light.

Step 1:

Select a photo.

As the main color, set, for example, dark red (bd0000), but you can of course choose the background color for your photo individually.

Step 2:

Create a new layer – click CTRL + SHIFT + N

Step 3:

Select brush tool

So, from now on, you need to be extremely careful. Since you have to paint over the entire background in the photo. Be careful in the hair zone, constantly play with the brush size settings.

If you suddenly blot, remember that you have an eraser

This is how your image will look like:

Step 4:

Layer with a color background, we will now change the blending modes:

Go over all modes, something you will love.

Here are some examples:

Multiply – Multiplication:

Lighten – Replacing light:

Overlay – Overlap:

Saturation – Saturation:

(If you want to know a little more about layer blending modes, then read this article.)

The success of your experiments will depend on the color you choose, the lighting on the original photo, as well as its quality.

Step 5:

If you didn’t like the color you used, or if you want to play with it a little more, open the palette Hue / Saturation (Color / saturation) – you can click CTRL + U. And then drive back and forth sliders until the color finally suits you.

Step 6:

If you want the photo to look more realistic on a new background, then merge the layers to start (click SHIFT + CTRL + E)

Then open the paletteColor balance“from the menu Image – Adjustments (Image – Correction) or just click CTRL + B

They change the settings to your taste. You can add more shadows, more color or light, etc.

And finally, DONE!

Remember that replacing the color lends itself not only to the background, but to other parts of the image, such as a tie!

Photoshop with pleasure!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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