Quick Instagram effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an Instagram effect in a few steps in Photoshop.

Final result

Open the image to which you want to apply the effect, then go Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Levels (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels). In the RGB panel, select Channel Blue (Blue (Alt + 5) and increase the value of the option Output values (Output Levels) up to 180.

Next, go Layer – New Layer – Fill – Color (Layer> New Fill Layer> Solid Color) and apply the # f6ddad color tone to create a soft hue, and then change the blending mode for this adjustment layer to Multiplication (Multiply).

After that, let’s go Layer – New Corrective layer – Curves (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Curves). You can see in the screenshots below the values ​​that I used to get the final result. I wish you a pleasant time to complete the lesson.

Translator’s Note: The author creates the Curves adjustment layer three times in a row. Depending on your original image and your desire, the number of adjustment layers will depend.

Final result



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